Unsolicited testimonials say it best . . .

So I feel pretty lucky.  We cater to a group of women that are strong and vocal - never afraid to share their honest thoughts.  While it's not realistic to please every person all of the time, I can say that our stats are proudly in favor of the happy customer.  And the greatest thing - medelita customers write in almost every day with some sort of  "thank you" or "finally!" email.  Even in the comments section when placing a re-order - no one seems to be holding back.  To be honest - I always get a little nervous, at first to read them.  Probably because I take our quality, customer service, and reputation extremely seriously.  I truly want everyone to be a medelita fan - spreading the word to throughout their hospitals and clinics, and to colleagues they've known and respected for some time.  We're not selling candles or generic cereal . . . we're in the business of providing medical scrubs and lab coats, colleague to colleague, and standing behind our products 100%.  We're different than most companies nowadays.  We're small.  We're good listeners.  We pick up the phone.  We know what our customer needs, and thus it has to be right.  So for a new company, our customers seem to think we're off to a good start.  Here's what Susun, a D.O. (new customer) from Las Vegas wrote to us yesterday (without edits):  "The quality of your scrubs are amazing, top-notch.  Nothing like this on the market.  Thank you and keep up the good work."  Thanks Susun - you made our day.  

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