WHO Nutrition Library Accessible To Areas Without Internet

Since 2011, the  World Health Organization (WHO) e-Library of Evidence for Nutrition Actions (eLENA) has provided more than 1 million users with evidence-informed medical guidance and related information for nutrition interventions. Though eLENA’s reach continues to grow, there is still a huge accessibility gap in underdeveloped areas that don’t support regular internet connections, making them unable to use eLENA as a reliable resource.

In order to address this unmet need, the Nutrition Policy and Scientific Advice Unit of the WHO Department of Nutrition for Health and Development has developed an eLENA mobile phone application, eLENAmobile. Supported by both android and iOS devices, this app delivers access to much of the eLENA content to smartphones globally using innovative mobile healthcare technology   – no internet connection required.

The mobile medical app is a quick and convenient source for basic health knowledge and nutritional guidance, providing practical information to address a wide variety of health-related subjects.

The eLENA app is organized into six different sections:

  • RECENTLY ADDED section shows the newest system updated or added content

  • HEALTHY CONDITIONS section offers a list of medical conditions including respiratory conditions and obesity. Click on the individual illnesses and obtain nutritional guidelines and recommendations

  • LIFE COURSE section breaks down information according to particular common milestones we reach in life. Options include infants, reproductive age, pregnancy and older adults. This is a great section to find out the nutritional guidelines you should be following if you are pregnant or to understand better nutrition guidelines for the pediatric population.

  • NUTRIENTS section covers common nutrients that we should consume and provides a short description of them detailing their nutritional importance. The

  • INTERVENTION TYPE section lists ways to improve and encourage better nutritional habits.

  • A-Z LISTING accesses, in alphabetical order, every piece of nutritional information found in eLENA.

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