8 Reasons to Get the Flu Shot this Season

Ambassador Dr. Brooke Caperton is a community pharmacist, and strong advocate for public health. After receiving her PharmD from The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy in 2018, she has been practicing pharmacy in the Tampa Bay area of Florida since. Apart from her career as a pharmacist, she is also a fitness competitor, where even in her personal life, she constantly tries to motivate people in health/wellness, fitness, nutrition, and living a healthier life. She believes in setting the example for her patients and friends by not just "talking the talk", but "walking the walk" of a healthy lifestyle.  So today she shares with us her 8 reasons why healthcare workers should get the Flu Shot this season.

I know that COVID19 has been one of the hottest topics of 2020, but I am writing to redirect your attention back to the influenza virus. Even though COVID is still a large concern, we cannot ignore the presence of the yearly flu. And since flu season has officially started, I wanted to share a few reasons why we, as healthcare providers/workers, should be getting the flu shot.

For me, getting the yearly flu shot is an easy decision. Besides protecting myself, I want to do my part in protecting others in my community. Putting all of the fancy science and statistics aside, here are 8 reasons why health care workers should get vaccinated for the yearly flu.

  1. The flu vaccine, although not 100% effective, can help prevent the spread of flu and can also help decrease the severity of the illness if contracted.
  2. The more people that get vaccinated, the more effective “herd immunity” becomes. Herd immunity is when a large percentage of a population is immune to a disease, therefore decreasing the chance of the disease spreading.
  3. We can’t expect our patients to get vaccinated if we don’t get vaccinated ourselves. We need to lead by example!
  4. The vaccine is more readily available than ever before! The vaccine can be administered in almost every pharmacy, prescriber’s office, or clinic. Some pharmacies will even hold a flu shot clinic at places of employment.
  5. The flu vaccine is an inactivated virus, so it cannot give a person the actual flu.
  6. Healthcare workers are in constant contact with sick people. It is a simple way to protect ourselves so we can continue to take care of others.
  7. There are individuals that should not receive the flu shot, such as those who are severely immunocompromised or those with neurological disorders. We need everyone else who can safely receive the vaccine to get vaccinated to protect those who can’t.
  8. Reducing the number of hospitalizations related to flu can help reserve resources for those affected by other serious illnesses, such as COVID19.

  One of my biggest passions in life is to help others, and that is also the reason that I became a pharmacist. Without knowing each and every one of you personally, I can probably guess that is the same reason that you decided to work in healthcare as well. So, let’s work together to not only protect our patients, but to protect ourselves and fellow healthcare workers too! We should always lead by example and put the “health” in “healthcare”!

For more information, be sure to contact her @drbikinibrooke

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