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Here at Medelita, we feel rather strongly about the connection between appearance and poise. As a result, you'll find nothing but the highest quality performance fabrics, finishing details, functionality, and fit within each and every garment made by Medelita. Please note: discount only available on non-sale items.

CDA Member Testimonials

"For the longest time I would not wear any white clinic coats, mainly because I found them to not fit properly and they would quickly look tired and wrinkled. Why couldn't anyone make a coat that fit like my sport coat or blazer?

Well Medelita has checked all the boxes for me. The consultation jacket is well-tailored, the pockets are well positionedand the jacket hangs properly. The quality of the fabric and the repellant treatment ensures that the jacket continues to look fresh and pressed.

Their scrub suits are the most comfortable I have ever worn. I like the little details like the velcro closures on the pockets, and the zip front makes them so well tailored that you could wear them outside the clinic and not feel like you are in pyjamas. Definitely worth the investment."

Dr. Gordon Searles, CDA Member Physician

"I love my Medelita lab coat--it is tailored, polished, and professional looking. Its sturdy fabric always looks freshly ironed and its pockets are highly functional, making me a Medelita customer for life."

Dr. Denise Wexler, CDA Member Physician