Alexa Forniss BSN, RN

Alexa Forniss BSN, RN is a critical care nurse living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. Outside of her career Alexa loves traveling, bowling, going to the movies and pretty much anything fun involving her family or friends.

In her own words,

"If I had to pick the favorite thing about my job it would have to be the constant learning critical care provides. I learn something new EVERY day and that keeps my job exciting and fun! My biggest challenge has been the learning curve in critical care. Starting as a new grad in an ICU is not easy but it can be done!

To me, professional style means adding individuality to an already polished look. I think it is important, because it gives you confidence and allows you to make the look your own. Especially in healthcare because we all are generally wearing "scrubs", so there's not much to customize to begin with."

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