Charlotte Roy is a fourth year medical student studying in Ontario. Before beginning her journey into medical school, Charlotte received her undergraduate degree at Queens University in Life Sciences and French Language. Although medicine is her passion, Charlotte embraces her many other roles including as a volunteer Girl Guide leader in her community. Charlotte also enjoys photography, travel, and writing. She hopes to use her interests to develop a career in women’s health, global health, health advocacy and communication, and medical education.

In her own words,

"When I entered medical school, I made it a personal mission to never lose sight of who I was personally, while still developing professionally.

As I’ve advanced through school, I’ve realized how lucky I am to have this opportunity. From the complexity of medicine to the focus of surgery, this is now part of my personal identity as its something I’m so passionate about. Studying, staying late, all of that becomes easier when you have a genuine interest in the work. Medicine allows me to be challenged and experience diversity, while also working with my community. Spending every day learning new things, meeting interesting people, and furthering my education is pretty amazing."

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Charlotte Roy, B.Sc.(Hons), Medical Student
Charlotte Roy is a second year medical student studying in Ontario.