Jennifer Chinn, OD
Jennifer Chinn, OD

Jennifer Chinn, OD

Name: Jennifer Chinn, OD

Title: Optometrist

Location: San Diego, CA

School/Program: University of Missouri St Louis College of Optometry

Currently Wearing: The Vera G. Slim Fit Lab Coat

Why did you choose your profession?:
I feel making a difference in someone's life can be most heavily impacted by improving their vision. Vision is what allows us to function, work, see our loved ones on a daily basis. Lack of functional vision can be devastating, and if I can just help 1 person improve their lifestyle, my job will be done.

Current Passion Project:
The Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity and the Lions Optometric Vision Clinics that provide eye care and health examinations as well as eyewear for underprivileged communities here at home in the USA as well as Abroad. I travel often with both of these nonprofits.

Who was/is your inspiration?
A huge inspiration is my father, who also is an optometrist. Through him, I was able to see why vision is important and how large of an impact you can make on someone's life. He has helped motivate me, challenge me, and support me throughout optometry school and currently as a colleague.

Fun Fact 1:
While I was in Optometry school I picked up the hobby of doing aerial silks. It was such a fun, but challenging way to relieve stress during school!

Fun Fact 2:
Before I made the decision to go to Optometry School, I was working as an event coordinator, for both weddings, corporate events, and as an event manager at a local bookstore for musicians and book readings/signings. I am still somewhat doing some event coordination as a young optometrist trying to bring new graduates together to form stronger bonds and build better relationships with each other.

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field?
Make sure to do some research on what Optometry as a profession and Optometry school entails. Also shadow several different modes of practice to get a better idea of what the day to day life is like so you'll know whether it's your passion or not.

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