Sara Marlow, NP

Sara Marlow, NP is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner, an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Health Policy, writer, social media enthusiast, and actor/model with MDT Agency. Sara has a unique educational background, as her first degree was in Textiles and Clothing with an emphasis in marketing and economics, and she loves her job as a nurse practitioner (but she still will always love fashion!). Sara is passionate about increasing access to healthcare for everyone and she has found that social media is an effective tool in helping to create awareness of nurse practitioners and how utilizing NPs can increase access to care.

As an exceptional role model and medical professional, Sara has a deep respect and love for humanity and all living creatures. She is passionate and serious about real issues, but she also isn't afraid to get a little goofy and have fun with life. When she's not working, Sara loves fitness, wellness, nutrition, fashion, traveling, outdoor activities and animals. 


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