New Scrubs Use Performance Sports Textiles

Wilmington, DE June 3, 2008 - Performance fibers, yarns and textiles originally developed for active and outdoor sports are increasingly showing up in other products. Moisture management (meaning sweat removal and/or quick dry benefits), breathability, odor elimination, microbe control and other features not only provide great comfort they promote cleanliness and good health. Now, Dri-release® with FreshGuard®, a popular technology by Optimer Performance Fibers well known among athletes and outdoor aficionados since 2000, is being used by medical and wellness brands.

Couple Transforms Women’s Lab Coat From Commodity To Featured Item

The real issue is not that a women’s lab coat from Medelita is so expensive, because it’s not. Given the quality, it’s actually an exceptional value. The issue is the commoditized generic lab coats they’re being compared to, which are so ridiculously cheap, but understandably so. As they say, it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

Choices In Embroidered Lab Coats

Medelita is a medical apparel company that approaches design with a philosophy diametrically opposed to the low cost dictates of the industry. Medelita embroidered lab coats are designed for fashion, fit, functionality, and durability.

Medelita recognizes National Nurse Practitioner Week November 9 - 15, 2008

San Clemente, CA November 10, 2008 -- Medelitatm recognizes National NP Week. You've been there before. Sitting in a doctor's examining room, holding together a wafer-thin way-too-revealing gown, paper crinkling under you as you shift uncomfortably and wait for what you assume will be a 10-minute exam (max) with a doctor juggling too many patients and too little time.

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