XL Labwear

If XL labwear is what you’re looking for, one medical apparel company has gone to unusual lengths to make finding it as easy as possible. Medelita www.medelita.com is best known for its premium quality labwear. At its website you’ll find the Medelita Men’s collection of XL labwear available in sizes up to 52 (2XL) and its collection of XL labwear for women, Medelita, available in sizes up to 16 (XL). But for those seeking larger sizes, Medelita has added a very desirable feature to its website to facilitate finding the best options from the very best competing brands – Medelita Marketplace. At the top of the //www.medelita.com/index.html home page you’ll find a tab marked Medelita Marketplace. Click on that tab and you’ll find the staff at Medelita has already identified the very BEST styles and brands in labwear among the non-premium brands. It seems the founder of Medelita was a former clinician herself who knew how difficult it could be to select the right labwear, especially when choosing from among the numerous non-premium brands with offerings that can be so similar. To facilitate the process, she added this special feature to the Medelita website so that a colleague didn’t have to be so overwhelmed. After rigorous testing, the best styles from the best brands were made available for purchase on the Medelita website. If it fits well, is comfortable, and worth purchasing – it’s in the Medelita Marketplace. Those brands determined to be of the highest quality in the non-premium nursing style scrubs and lab coat categories are:
  • Landau™
  • Grey’s Anatomy™
  • Koi™
  • Prima™
  • NrG™
  • Fundamentals fashion™
  • Icu™
  • META™
  • Jockey™
Applying those same standards to determine what specific XL labwear should be included as a complement to the XL labwear in the men’s and women’s collections from Medelita Men’s and Medelita, the staff at Medelita has suggested the following choices. Men’s: Women’s: Hopefully, the selection of XL labwear has just become a much simpler and more efficient process.