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This page serves as a platform to easily pair frontline healthcare workers whose lives are disrupted by covid seeking help with family / house management to students in healthcare related fields who are generously willing to provide help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find your closest region or city for more information.
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About COVIDsitters

COVID-19 has forced implausible complexities to those working in frontline specialties. Normally surrounded with the help of elder parents and sitters, providers are left with complex decisions to juggle both family and patient care. Concurrently, students have been searching for ways to help in their respective future medical fields.

A local initiative that began with one med student quickly expanded into regional initiatives across the U.S.. This site was established as a collaborative effort to help promote each local program and streamline the search for a program from within one primary source.

Medelita is honored to host the COVIDsitter national platform to pair selfless frontline workers with students so generously willing to step up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Thank you to all the Frontline workers for all you do. Click here to submit your photo.

UPDATE: Most regions are accepting new volunteer and frontline worker submissions in anticipation of future surges. Otherwise, most are currently focused on fostering existing matches, developing virtual tutorials or classes, and getting PPE supplies where they are needed. NYC, Maryland, and Chicago currently have a large pool of eager volunteers ready to help frontline workers in need and are still making new matches.

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Atlanta, GA


Recognizing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on households in the Atlanta community, Atlanta area students would like to do what we can to assist the fearless providers serving on the front lines of healthcare, especially those facing increased stress due to demand of coronavirus patient care. We provide services for babysitting, pet care, and household errands. We are working diligently to make an initiative that meets the needs of healthcare workers and the community.


Bakersfield & Inland Empire, CA


CA COVIDSitters will directly connect healthcare workers in the Bakersfield and Inland Empire areas with volunteers. Healthcare workers in LA will be connected with volunteers in their respective areas through LA COVID Volunteers, a sister organization ran by medical students at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine.


Boston, MA


Our hospitals will become inundated with patients in the coming weeks. Health care workers will be working extra shifts to meet the high demand. Personal obligations will limit their ability to do so, especially as schools and childcare centers close. By supporting these health care workers outside the hospital we let them fight the pandemic inside the hospital. Student volunteer services include childcare, grocery and pharmacy runs etc. Visit the website


Chicago, IL


Chicago COVIDsitters are health professional students who support our healthcare professionals and essential healthcare-associated staff in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs with urgent household needs, such as childcare, petcare, and household errands, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the website


Dallas/Forth Worth, TX


We started DFW COVIDsitters because as future doctors, we have a responsibility to our fellow healthcare workers. These medical professionals on the frontlines who are fighting are our friends and family. We appreciate your desire to sacrifice your time to work together to support our healthcare workers. Visit the website


District of Columbia

Washington DC

We are a group of medical, healthcare, graduate and undergraduate students who are trying to do what we can to support healthcare workers on the frontline during the COVID-19 crisis. As a student-led effort, our hope is to support our community by offsetting the impact of school closures and increased work demands on healthcare workers by matching workers with students who can help them. We look forward to working with you! Visit Website


East Tennessee

East TN

East TN COVIDSitters was started by a few medical students at ETSU Quillen College of Medicine who were looking for a way to serve our community during this unusual time. Taking the lead from a similar organization at the University of Minnesota, we decided what better way to help out than by helping those who care for us when we need it most- our healthcare workers (HCWs). With schools and daycares closed because of the virus, many HCWs working on the frontlines found themselves without childcare and pet care. We are here to fill that need by providing FREE services. All of our volunteers are healthcare professional students (medical, nursing, pharmacy, PT etc.), however we are NOT affiliated with any school or organization. We hope you find our services useful. We are so grateful for your hard work and dedication to our community! Visit Website


Houston, TX


HTX CovidSitters was founded in collaboration with health professions students based in Houston, TX. We currently coordinate childcare, petsitting, errands, K-12 online tutoring, and eCards for Seniors services. Our volunteer base spans PA, medical, dental, law, pharmacy, and graduate students in the Houston Area. Any healthcare worker (including medical faculty, trainees, hospital support staff, etc.) operating in Houston is welcome to request our help! Visit the website


Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas

#MedReady is a community based organization founded by TUNCOM students Cassandra McDiarmid, Parisun Shoga, and Ashlie Bloom to provide assistance to the community and to healthcare workers. Please submit requests for any needs through the #MedReady website and a TUN student will reach out to help you!


Los Angeles, CA

los angeles

Started by UCLA medical students, we are a dedicated group of student and non-student volunteers eager to support health care workers in the Greater LA area. Our volunteers provide in-person childcare/babysitting, online tutoring, pet-walking/sitting, and errands services, bring hot meals to hospital staff, facilitate and mobilize PPE donations, and partner with the local community to support those who keep the hospitals running during this unprecedented time. Visit the website | Contact

los angeles



We are volunteers who want to help health care providers in the Greater Portland Area with temporary urgent household needs while they perform essential clinical duties during COVID-19. We are a group of medical students from the University of New England and Tufts University looking for ways to link various parts of our community to those healthcare families who are seeking help. However, this initiative is not affiliated with either medical school. Any time you are able to contribute is incredibly appreciated. Visit the website




We provide free childcare, pet care, tutoring, errands and much more for all essential workers in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia. We see the toll the coronavirus outbreak has taken on our community and we are ready to commit our time helping to fill the gap! Visit the website


Miami, FL


We are students supporting our community healthcare heroes on the front-lines of the battle in this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. We support Miami Area healthcare workers by offering free childcare, pet sitting, and household management services. Our team provides services to ALL healthcare workers and staff - anyone from resident doctors to the remarkable humans who keep our hospitals clean. Visit the website




Michigan COVIDsitters provides childcare, elderly care and companionship, petsitting and pet walking, household errands and online tutoring for families of healthcare and essential hospital workers during the COVID-19 crisis. We have branches throughout Michigan including Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids, Midland and the Upper Peninsula. We also have a branch that collects PPE and meal donations for local hospitals! Visit the website




We are a group of healthcare professional students at the Medical College of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Our mission is to assist healthcare providers in the Milwaukee area with managing their household while serving at the frontlines. It takes a village! Visit the website




Our mission is to help healthcare providers in the Twin Cities/Metro Area who need help managing their household while serving at the frontlines during the coronavirus outbreak. It takes a village! Visit the website


Minnesota (Central)

central minnesota

Central MN COVIDSitters is a regional expansion with the same framework & services as the original MN COVIDSitters from the Twin Cities/Metro Area in Minnesota, USA!Visit the website


New York City, NY

New York City

My name is Gunjan Desai and I am currently a 3rd year medical student and also the Founder of NYC CovidSitters, an organization consisting of a group of student volunteers whose sole aim is to ease the burden on our essential workers by providing free-of-cost services like childcare, pet care, grocery runs, online tutoring, covid companionship (virtual pen pals), etc. This pandemic is personal to our team because NYC has been the most gravely impacted city globally and while we are not yet fully trained to provide clinical care, what we can do is give our healthcare heroes from the 5 boroughs to Long Island the peace of mind that their homes and families are taken care of, while they work tirelessly to keep our loved ones safe. We are New York tough and we will overcome this together. Visit the website


Orange County, CA

Orange County

We provide FREE childcare, pet-sitting, grocery shopping, meal preparation, tutoring, and more for healthcare workers in Orange County who need help managing their household — that includes hospital cleaning crews, cafeteria workers, lab techs, OT’s, RT’s, etc. We are also currently accepting volunteers looking to help our friends and family on the frontlines and offset the impact of school closures and increased work demand for healthcare workers.


Pittsburgh, PA


Thank you so much for your beautiful desire to help. We started Pittsburgh COVIDsitters because we ourselves are future doctors. These are our friends and family on the frontlines, and we will be joining the healthcare workforce in the coming months/years. It means so much to us that students and volunteers from other professions are banding together to support all hospital workers. Visit Website


South Dakota

South Dakota

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to directly affect the Sioux Falls, Yankton, and Rapid City areas, those working on the front lines in health care will probably need additional assistance with reliable childcare and other personal services in order to continue caring for our community. As medical, allied health profession, or graduate students we are in a unique position to provide these services and help our community. We’re a group of students, who are trying to help our healthcare providers as best as we can. Despite not being able to help in a professional capacity, we're doing our best to help our community and support each other in any way we can. Visit Website

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Note From Medelita

Lara Francisco"Our priority has always been to amplify the initiatives of those who have chosen medicine as their voice. So when the leadership of communities who partnered to help the healthcare workers battling COVID-19, Physician Moms Group, Law Mamas and Medical School Headquarters found an urgent need to streamline the process of connecting volunteer medical students from across the country with frontline physicians in need of childcare, pet sitting or other basic needs uniquely challenging to COVID-19, they came to us. We welcome your feedback and look forward to playing any role in assisting this effort."

Lara Francisco, PA-C, Medelita Founder - @medelita_founder

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