happy holidays
happy holidays

Patients, You Are The Reasons
Why We Became PAs.

by Erin Jensen, PA-C.


As PAs, we don’t go into the profession for the money or recognition. There are a lot of easier ways to earn the accolades....
From October 11, 2016

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How I Learned The Importance Of Tailored Scrubs...The Hard Way.
by Amy F. Ho, MD.


The first time I performed CPR – that is, literally kept a human alive by the very force of my hands – I was a third year medical student. In other words, I was a book-smart twenty-something with two years of multiple-choice medical knowledge and a single four-hour course on ACLS under my belt...
From December 14, 2016

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Physicians Finding Self-Worth: Takes A Person To Care For A Person
by Jean Robey, MD.


He was a twitching mass. He shifted in his seat, waxing the chair. He had nervously requested copies of the tests and numbers, and he still felt uncertain about what those numbers said. "What do you think doc?" Mr. Stevenson pressed....
From September 29, 2016

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EM Doctor Makes Regular Exercise A Priority, And You Should Too
by Cassie Majestic, MD.


As an Emergency Medicine physician, I care for multiple patients with a variety of complaints, everyday. Whether I’m evaluating a patient with chest pain, high blood pressure, anxiety, or who is pregnant, I counsel them all about important lifestyle factors..
From August 17, 2016

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