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Resembling a higher quality woven short-sleeve shirt, your new favorite scrub top is a breakthrough for healthcare professionals seeking a fitted look and added confidence courtesy of performance fabric.

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Add a logo to the non-pocket side of your chest (your right side)

Please be as descriptive as possible so we can find it our archives

Free on orders over $175 (applied at checkout). Add custom text to your pocket side chest (your left - above pocket).


      An emphasis on comfort

      Handsome tailoring and innovative material have now improved the decades-old unisex scrub top. Impeccably hand sewn, our men's top offers the look and feel of a fitted short-sleeve shirt. Design features include a raised neckline, roomier chest pocket, and shoulder to chest measurements that create a more structured and professional appearance. Available in numerous sizing and color options.

      • Modern Fit Improvements: Featuring a better fit in the shoulders for improved range of motion and a narrower frame that feels less boxy.
      • Supremely soft performance fabric.
      • drirelease® material resists pilling and fading.
      • FreshGuard® provides bacteriostatic, odor-free comfort.
      • Chest pocket sized to accommodate a man's hand.
      • Ergonomic fit for ideal range of motion.
      • Can be worn tucked or un-tucked with our Medelita scrub pants.
      • Exquisite embroidery option with fade-resistant thread.

      Men's Scrubs

      Self Measurements (measured in inches)
      Medelita Scrub Size S M L XL 2XL
      Size Equivalent 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
      Chest 37-38 39-41 42-44 45-47 48-51
      Waist 28-30 31-33 34-36 37-39 40+
      Inseam 30-34.5 30-34.5 30-34.5 30-34.5 30-34.5
      Dress Shirt Size (for reference) 15.5 16.5 16.5/17 17.5/18 18.5/19
      Scrubs Measurements
      Medelita Scrub Size S M L XL 2XL
      Size Equivalent 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
      Chest 44 46 49 53 57
      Scrub Top Length 29.75 30.5 31 31.75 32.25
      Elastic Waist Circumference 29.5 31.5 34.5 38.5 42.5
      Inseam 31 32 32 32 32
      Consider ordering more than one size for initial comparison and best fit.

      Medelita Men's Scrubs fit distinctly better than any other scrubs you've ever worn. Sizing is similar to casual men's clothing. We suggest taking a look at your polo shirts and athletic pants in your closet, to determine an accurate size selection. Call us at 877.987.7979 or click on live chat for assistance with sizing. Or, if you are between sizes or uncertain about sizing, simply order two sizes (without embroidery) to find your most comfortable fit. *Shipping is free on orders over $ and return shipping is free within the 48 contiguous states.

      International Conversions
      US 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
      UK 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
      Europe 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62
      Italy 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62
      Austrailia 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
      Japan 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54
      France 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62

      Medelita Men's garments are designed to allow comfort and range of motion, worn over professional clothing or a scrub top. If you're unsure about sizing - place your first order without embroidery, so you can exchange for a different size. We cannot accept returns or exchanges on embroidered items.

      We Recommend:

      • Order 2 Sizes

        Shipping is free both ways in the U.S.*

      • Return your preferred size for

        Custom Embroidery

      • Easily Print UPS Return Labels

        In your order history


      Measure from the fullest part of chest and scapula, arms at sides and relaxed, approximately 1" below axilla. Be sure measuring tape is parallel to the floor. Allow 1-2 fingers below tape for comfort.


      Measure the full circumference of your best fitting jeans, with them zipped and buttoned, ensuring that you slowly follow the exact line of the fabric with a flexible tape measure.


      Measure similarly styled pants that fit you well (such as your favorite khaki pants) and fall to the exact point on your work shoes (clog, sneaker) that you want. Measure from the crotch seam to the inside hem, following the seam line exactly.

      size guide
      Men's Scrubs

      Measured 1 inch below the armpit, in full circumference with the garment buttoned.


      A measurement of the full circumference of the waist in a relaxed position. Please note there is an athletic waistband with slight stretch, combined with a drawstring, for added comfort and size flexibility.


      Without alterations, inseam on scrub pants fit men 5'11" - 6'2", depending on clog or shoe worn. We offer alterations for a fee, but suggest using your local tailor for most accurate results. The inseam of all sizes is the same length. The rise (top of pant to crotch point) is what increases per size.

      Call 877.987.7979 or email for sizing help.
      Scrub Incredibly Soft Fabric

      Physician and nursing scrubs that are unmatched in fit, softness, quality, ergonomics, comfort and performance.

      Medelita created a cutting-edge blend of fabric ideal for medical scrubs. This technically advanced performance fabric pulls moisture away from your skin and dries incredibly fast. And the comfort level is outstanding - supremely soft with a lightly brushed finish in a weight that's not too thin/not too thick. We're also proud to boast our scrub fabric resists pilling, wrinkling, fading and shrinking, while also preventing odors - all for the lifetime of the garment.

      • Keeps you dry by wicking moisture away from your skin.
      • Dries faster than other performance fabrics or cotton.
      • Won't wash out and lasts the lifetime of Medelita scrubs.
      • Performance features that are environmentally friendly.
      • Advanced fabric naturally prevents odors.
      • Anti-microbial features reduce the spread of harmful bacteria.
      • No fading. No pilling. No wrinkling. No shrinkage.
      • The perfect scrub fabric - both in comfort and performance.

      Hydrophilic & hydrophobic fibers pull moisture away from skin and into the air - fast.

      The highest industry standard for dryness in medical scrubs - drying up to 4 times faster than cotton.

      No chemicals or irritants to wash out over time, our scrub fabric ensures eco-friendly performance.

      Prevents odors by mitigating the development and build-up of odor-causing bacteria.

      Soft, natural feel keeps you dry and comfortable. Regulating body temps up to 7°F cooler.

      Fabrics & knits that exhibit excellent hand, hold shape, and are easy to care for. They reist pills, wrinkles, and static.


      What Your Colleagues Say


      "The colors and the quality of the fabric stay the same, wash after wash. I have been wearing your scrubs for more than a year, and they get washed every week.They still look brand new!"
      Julie Pearson, DVM -Medelita Women's Scrub Top

      "As an Emergency Medicine physician,I live in my scrubs.They are an essential part of my work day. I bought 5 pairs and enjoy working more comfortably with the Medelita scrubs. It truly is a great product."
      Mark J.K. Dalton, MD, FACEPP -Medelita Men's Scrub Top

      "I feel more efficient and prepared when the only thought I give to my scrubs ishow great they are!"
      Sarah Bragdon, MD -Medelita Women's Scrub Pants

      "Wearing is believing.Once you wear them, you will understand the difference."
      Ari Saeedi, RDH -Medelita Women's Scrub Top


      Care Instructions


      Pre-treat stains prior to washing.


      Machine wash warm, regular cycle. Do not use chlorine bleach. Non-chlorine bleach is ok. Do not use liquid fabric softener - it will block the moisture wicking fabric feature.


      Tumble dry medium. Do not use a dryer sheet - it will block the moisture wicking fabric feature. Pull out of the dryer early and fold, or place on a hanger to ensure a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance.


      No ironing is necessary. Fabric is naturally wrinkle resistant.

      Stain Removal

      • Amodex® Ink and Stain Remover
        Ink, Pen
      • OxiClean® Spray
        Blood, Coffee, General Stains, Tea
      • Shout® Advanced Stain Lifting Foam
        Cream-Based Makeup, Grease, Oil, Pus
      • The Laundress™ Stain Solution
        Deodorant, Iodine, Perspiration

      The Closest Thing To Wearing Your Diploma.

      Allow us the opportunity to display your name and title - embroidered with prestige and perfection - in the manner you've earned. Name & title embroidery is complimentary on orders over $175 and otherwise is $12 per garment.

      Professional logos and any custom logos may be added at an additional charge and will be sewn into the garment(s) of your choice as pictured, on the right side of your garment.

      Please contact us or make a note in the 'comments' box if you would like to make additional customizations to size and placement.

      Please note the partial coverage on longer names (as pictured). A complete guide to coverage can be found in our advice section.


      Name & Title Embroidery

      We have the utmost pride in our embroidery work. Our in-house service allows us to provide exemplary service to our customers and colleagues. We go to great lengths to ensure that each garment is perfectly sewn, inspected, and packaged. The very first thing that a customer notices is not the stitching or the curved lapels or beautiful pocket detail of the garment itself. It's the embroidery. We call it the "icing on the cake." The "stamp of achievement and great sacrifice." For that reason - it must be perfect. And that is our standard.

      • Name & title embroidery is placed above the pocket, anatomical left, unless requested otherwise.
      • There is limited space on certain sizes & styles, on a properly fitted lab coat, which may result in partial lapel coverage. See character limit chart below.
      • To minimize lapel coverage, use first initials, no periods, and choose only one line of embroidery.
      • List your professional title(s) after your last name (Sarah Smith, MD is preferred v. Dr. Sarah Smith)
      • Custom embroidery requires 5-10 additional business days, prior to shipping.
      • Embroidered garments may not be exchanged or returned, unless there was an error on our part.
      • When choosing embroidery on scrubs, the first color selection on each scrub top will match the corresponding drawstring color if you choose to purchase scrub pants.
      • We do not offer separate options for drawstring colors on our scrub pants.

      Logo Embroidery

      Medelita custom logo embroidery is the most impressive way to truly distinguish your lab coat or scrubs. A finishing touch like no other - logo embroidery with your office, clinic, or hospital logo turns a lab coat and/or scrubs into something impressive and polished.

      • Logos are sewn directly onto your selected garment. No patches are available.
      • Depending on the logo, your name & title embroidery may be sewn in a color that matches with logo.
      • We digitize/create the art file for new professional logos and school logos free of charge. Otherwise there is a one-time $150 fee for digitzation. This is the process of turning your logo from flat artwork into embroidery detail – color, number of stitches, shading, etc. Additional fees apply.
      • Upload a .JPG, PDF or .DST of your logo. For your convenience, there is an "upload your logo" button in the right hand column, when making your selections for purchase.
      • Once your logo is received, you will receive a confirmation and your design will be digitized by our expert embroidery team.
      • You will then receive a picture (via email) for approval. This initial process takes approximately 5 days.
      • Up to 3 total adjustments/changes can be made, within the $150 original charge.
      • For adjustments beyond three, a $50 additional charge is applicable.
      • Once approved, garments are scheduled for embroidery.
      • We are committed to working with you until you are 100% satisfied with your custom logo embroidery.

      Advice Regarding Character Length

      On properly fitting, gender specific lab coats with stylish lapels, there is limited amount of space in the area above the pocket, and between the lapel and the armhole. Some sizes and styes have less room than others. It is our priority to alert you in advance that Medelita embroidery is centered above the pocket, and embroidered to a standard size/height that is both legible and high-quality in appearance. The large majority of Medelita customers/colleagues are "ok" with some letters of their first name being partially covered by the lapel. For those that want to ensure that every single letter is visible, please adhere to the following guidelines to prevent coverage in both the first and second lines of embroidery.

      Character Limit Chart

      Use the chart below to identify the maximum characters per size in each garment before the lapel will partially cover your embroidered text.

      M3 Estie 16 (3.11 in) 22 (4 in) 22 (4 in) 22 (4 in) 24 (4.15 in) 24 (4.15 in) 24 (4.15 in) 24 (4.15 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in)
      M3 Emma W 14 (2.76 in) 16 (3.11 in) 16 (3.11 in) 16 (3.11 in) 16 (3.11 in) 20 (3.82 in) 20 (3.82 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in)
      M3 Vera G. 14 (2.76 in) 16 (3.11 in) 16 (3.11 in) 16 (3.11 in) 16 (3.11 in) 20 (3.82 in) 20 (3.82 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in)
      M3 Callia 16 (3.11 in) 18 (3.75 in) 20 (4.00 in) 20 (4.00 in) 20 (4.00 in) 20 (4.00 in) 28 (4.25 in) 28 (4.25 in) 28 (4.25 in) 28 (4.25 in)
      M3 Ellody 15 (3.00 in) 18 (3.75 in) 18 (3.75 in) 18 (3.75 in) 20 (4.00 in) 20 (4.00 in) 20 (4.00 in) 20 (4.00 in) 20 (4.00 in) (n/a)
      M3 Miranda B. n/a 16 (3.11 in) 16 (3.11 in) 20 (3.55 in) 20 (3.55 in) 20 (3.82 in) 20 (3.95 in) 20 (3.95 in) 20 (3.95 in) n/a
      Callia Classic n/a 8 (1.71 in) 8 (1.71 in) 12 (2.41 in) 14 (2.76 in) 14 (2.76 in) 14 (2.76 in) 16 (3.11 in) 20 (3.82 in) 30 (4.5 in)
      Ellody Classic 8 (1.71 in) 8 (1.71 in) 10 (2.06 in) 14 (2.76 in) 14 (2.76 in) 16 (3.11 in) 18 (3.46 in) 18 (3.46 in) 20 (3.82 in) 30 (4.5 in)
      Estie n/a 10 (2.06 in) 10 (2.06 in) 10 (2.06 in) 10 (2.06 in) 12 (2.41 in) 16 (3.11 in) 20 (3.82 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in)
      Elizabeth B n/a n/a n/a n/a 24 (4.15 in) 24 (4.15 in) 24 (4.15 in) 24 (4.15 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in)
      Hannah 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in)
      M3 E Wilson 22 (3.82 in) 22 (3.82 in) 22 (3.82 in) 22 (3.82 in) 22 (3.82 in) 22 (3.82 in) n/a n/a n/a  
      M3 Cushing 20 (3.82 in) 20 (3.82 in) 20 (3.82 in) 20 (3.82 in) 20 (3.82 in) 20 (3.82 in) n/a n/a n/a  
      M3 J. Hunter 20 (3.82 in) 20 (3.82 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) n/a  
      M3 Laennec 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in)  
      Laennec 20 (3.82 in) 20 (3.82 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in)  
      Osler n/a n/a 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) n/a  
      Fleming 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in) 30 (4.5 in)  
      • Order 2 Sizes

        Shipping is free both ways in the U.S.

      • Return your preferred size for

        Custom Embroidery

      • Easily Print UPS Return Labels

        In your order history


      4 Reasons To Try On At Home

      1. Convenience.
        Try on your garments on your own time. Keep what you like and send back the rest, or send back what you would like to be embroidered. We will process your embroidery or refund your purchase as soon as possible.
      2. No Fees.
        Purchases over $100 are automatically eligible for free shipping and returns within the United States (free shipping and returns not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico - a $5 flat fee applies each way).
      3. Risk Free.
        Prior to specifying embroidery, order two sizes to find your best fit, and take advantage of free return shipping over $100. Let us know which garments to embroider and we'll refund the remaining garments.
      4. It's Easy.
        Simply log into your account, find your order, and print a UPS return label for exchange, refund and/or embroidery.


      Frequently Asked Questions

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