Private Stores

private stores

Easy, simple, fast, and flexible ongoing order management for groups of any size.

Ongoing replacement and reorders are simple and fast for large organizations with a Medelita Private Store.

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Order From Anywhere

medelita phone

Easily manage your uniform requirements with business rules for purchasing agents and employees.

Painless Customizations

medelita embroidery

Control all embroidery and personalization options for a truly uniform team.

Simple Self-Service

medelita self service

Send invites to your team, set limits based on budgets or quantity, then let them order for themselves.

Flexible Billing

medelita invoice

Show/hide pricing, send invoices to accounts payable, set up physician quotas, and allow payroll deductions.


Supporting Materials

Use the following links to save, share, or print your own PDF versions of our group orders program:

Request A Demo

A member of our team would be more than happy to walk you through how your organization can use our Private Store feature to manage your ongoing orders.

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