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In Your Honor

In honor of all Muslim women in medicine and in support of your right to choose. We're giving away a limited quantity of Medelita medical hijabs. Sign up to let us know you'd like one.

Medical Hijab

by Medelita

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We hear you & we support you

In direct response to a recent collaboration with Muslim women in medicine, we've set out to fulfill the demand for quality, medical-grade hijabs that not only matches one's uniform, but is intentionally made for a medical setting.

"No one forces me. I choose to dress this way because I feel like it empowers me. It isn't just a piece of fabric around my head. It represents who I am and I love my hijab."

-Malaka A., PA-C

It was important to us that real Muslim women working in medicine represented the Medelita Medical Hijab. We were humbled by the out-pour of supportive volunteers eager to be a part of this special event with us.

We laughed, shared stories, exchanged hugs and learned so much.