Pharmacy Lab Coats

Exceptional Pharmacist Lab Coats by Medelita

Medelita pharmacy lab coats are designed with a 'professional fit' in mind - roomy enough through the shoulders for full range of motion, yet designed in a tailored fashion for a flattering, professional appearance. 

Stains Roll Off

Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector is a perfect match with our lab coats - a repel and release technology that aggressively fights the most common lab coat and scrubs stains.
Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont used under license by Medelita.

First Impressions

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Soft, 100% cotton fabric treated with Advanced Dual Action Teflon® protects you and your coats from fluids and stains - including blood and coffee. Pockets are portioned correctly and deep enough for your Pharmacopia, portable PDR, iPad® and iPhone®, with an overall fit that makes you feel professional and poised. Medelita is committed to making a student lab coat worth the investment - as your uniform is worn a minimum of 2,000 hours per year.

Medelita pharmacist lab coats are made with the same industry leading level of detail and sophistication as our traditional length men's and women's lab coats.

  • Available in women's even sizes 0 - 16 and men's even sizes 36 - 52
  • Professional, tailored fit allowing excellent range of motion throughout your shift
  • Blood and other fluids literally roll off fabric, and set in stains are easily removed (including ring around collar and sleeve stains)
  • Comfortable, durable 100% pre-shrunk cotton fabric (1-3% maximum shrinkage)
  • Multiple functional pockets both inside and out
  • Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector allows fluid and stain protection
  • Amodex® ink & stain remover is recommended for common ink and iodine stains
  • Durable, highly secured buttons
  • Clean finish of inside seams, exuding quality workmanship
  • Exquisite custom embroidery option with fade-resistant 100% polyester thread
  • Machine wash or dry clean - it's up to you
  • Hospital, practice, school and group custom logo embroidery is available
Medelita offers group discounts on pharmacist lab coats starting at a 5 coat minimum purchase. Please email  for more information and pricing.
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