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Elegant, modern and made to impress, our medical scrub tops are expertly crafted with supremely soft fabric and ergonomic designs that elevate your work experience.
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21 products
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Shop scrub tops that are crafted to last while offering maximum comfort and protection as you diligently provide patient care. Medical professionals can shop our scrub shirt color selection from black, navy, gray, burgundy, and more.

We also offer scrub pants to complete your scrub set. We utilize the latest fabric technology so our scrub tops are soft, stretchy, and durable. When you wear our scrub tops, you'll experience a level of comfort you never thought possible in medical apparel. Designed to keep you cool, dry, and at ease throughout your demanding shifts, Medelita is your trusted source for medical uniforms. Rigorously tested for strength, soil release, and fluid repellency, our scrub tops are designed to withstand the rigors of your profession.

Backed by our confidence, we proudly offer a full-year warranty, assuring you that our scrub tops are built to last as long as your commitment to making a difference. We know that maintaining a professional appearance is just as important as feeling comfortable. That's why our scrub jackets and tops offer various fits and contemporary aesthetics to seamlessly blend both concepts. Say goodbye to boxy, ill-fitting uniforms and embrace a personalized fit that complements your style and enhances your range of motion.

Our scrub tops are a result of continuous advancements and cutting-edge features, tailored to meet the ever-evolving needs of healthcare professionals like you. Explore our women's and men's medical apparel to find medical scrubs of various design, fabric, fit, and performance. Your patients trust you with their well-being, and you can trust us to provide scrub tops that support you every step of the way.