Men's Jackets & Vests

Elegant, effortless and equipped for everyday, our jackets and vests for men are designed to be worn before, during and after your shift.
7 products
7 products
Quantum Men's Jacket, CRB Carbon Quantum Men's Jacket, NAV Navy
  • Fluid Barrier
Ovation Collection
Our men's jackets go above and beyond with durable, luxurious fabrics in a range of sophisticated styles that can easily replace your lab coat in terms of professionalism and function.

Men's jackets for medical professionals should fulfill the expectations of the wearer, providing functional pocketing and ROM along with comfort and refined style. Medelita's men's jackets do exactly this, with the attention to detail and overall aesthetic that people working in healthcare deserve.

Every men's jacket Medelita designs must advance through rigorous testing to meet our high expectations. Featuring the fit and function of an everyday jacket but with the polish and pocketing that are required in the medical field, each of these men's jackets set a new bar for medical apparel.