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Embroidery Colors

We get a ton of emails from curious customers/colleagues - and this has to be the most common question. 

What color embroidery do you recommend? 

So here goes.  My personal favorites are the lighter colors on the women's coats.  For whatever reason, colors such as carolina blue, khaki, blossom, and willow are my favorites.  These are extremely complimentary to the feminine coats - they add a soft, professional look that is still legible but enough for anyone to note "that is different and of markedly better quality than what I'm used to seeing." 

For those who get nervous about lighter shades or being out of the box "too much," I would recommend storm navy, copper, plum or charcoal.  These, too, are stunning colors that have a somewhat muted tone, and again - are complimentary to the lab coat style and quality. 

And for our traditionalists - we (of course) do offer black, true navy, scarlet, and hunter green.  These colors are required in some medical/dental settings and others just prefer them. 

So find your comfort level above and consider thinking "out of the box" when it comes to embroidery color selection.

We call embroidery "the icing on the cake," as it is your mark of achievement, accomplishment, and prestige, and so be rightfully displayed as such.  It's our job for the embroidery to be consistent with the high quality of all of our lab coats and scrubs.

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