How To Remove Stains From Medical Scrubs

Again, we're not superhero experts on stain removal.  Somehow our previous 'lab coat stain removal' got lots of tweets, much to our surprise.  We're just everyday folks, anxious to share our in-house findings on stain removal.  We'll call this part 2 in our series.  Medical scrub stain removal . . . years in the making, removing makeup and other grime from conference garments.  And our latest battle . . . our newest embroidery machine (called Katrina internally) for unpredictably spitting oil so elegantly onto a just-finished name & title embroidery.  Luckily, we know what to do. See below for our very best recommendations for stain removal from your medical scrubs. Coffee or Tea – Oxi Clean Max Force Stain Remover Powder Based Makeup, Dust, or Dirt – Tide To Go (Tide Pen/NON Bleach) Oil, Grease, or Cream Based Makeup – Shout Advanced Formula for Greasy Stains Ink or Pen – Amodex If you're at work, and urgently need to address a larger spill or stain at work, rinse your scrubs in warm water with any soap you can find - dish detergent or hand soap works fine.  Ring water out and hang to dry.  Medelita scrubs will dry extremely quickly because of the moisture wicking, quick dry properties of the performance fabric Dri-release with FreshGuard. For small stains/spills, the Tide To Go (Tide Pen) is the only product we have found that doesn't require a rinse. It will remove many stains and generally doesn't leave a ring, which allows you to wear the garment without rinsing or washing. We suggest trying the Tide To Go on all stains 1st before trying another product.

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