Office Dress Codes: An Expert's Opinion

Medelita EmbroideryAs building trust between staff and patients is often a primary concern for any medical practice, the appearance of an office must similarly portray an unequivocal image of professionalism and aptitude, consistent with the high standards and level of expertise patients expect. Through the Office Makeover program, Medelita helps medical and dental professionals ensure that they are conveying the right message to their patients - a message of capability, thoughtfulness, concern, and caring. While the idea that professional appearance is important has been a Medelita mantra for years, it has been our ultimate hope to create a paradigm shift in the world of medical uniforms. We were, therefore, extremely honored when Medelita was mentioned in a recent article about dressing for success in an office environment. Image consultant, Janice Hurley-Trailor, says she usually recommends a dress code for a medical or dental office. Here are her reasons why: • Professional and consistent dress throughout the office raises the patients’ perceptions of you. They take pride in having selected such a professional and organized practice. • Patients’ trust in your cleanliness and professionalism improves patient retention and compliance, thus improving practice success. • It builds team spirit and pride in your professionalism. • It decreases any concerns or confusion about what the doctor wants you to wear. • It decreases the amount of time the doctor (or doctor’s significant other) spends worrying about whether and how to correct a staff member’s dress issue. • It decreases staff judgments about another team member’s appearance and the tension that causes. • You never waste time worrying about your appearance, because you’re always confident that you are prepared to impress everyone you meet. • You become attractive to prospective team members who share your self-respect and professionalism themselves. To read more of Janice's article, go here. If you'd like to learn more about the Medelita Office Makeover Program, please call us at 877.987.7979. We're looking forward to helping you create the perfect office image.

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