Our Philosophy

Medelita exists to serve the medical community through a commitment to constant innovation. We remain devoted to upholding the highest standard of quality, service, and sustainability in the uniform industry. We are always growing responsibly, always evolving rapidly, and always looking ahead.

Advanced Fabrics

Our commitment to quality starts at the raw material level, and we specify everything that goes into our fabrics, right down to the individual thread. We only work with suppliers whose obsession with premium fabric is commensurate with ours, ensuring the most technically advanced performance-based products that are luxuriously soft and have the highest possible rating in the industry when tested for strength, soil release, and fluid repellency.

Elevated Design

We have taken the traditional medical uniform and upgraded it in every conceivable way. The result is a product that exudes confidence and professionalism in ways you might expect from a sophisticated, tailored product. Gender-specific, slimming, and tasteful, our uniforms provide a polished appearance paired with thoughtful features that compliment daily activity.

Concierge Service

Our dedication to meeting your needs is as passionate as your devotion to your patients and clinical pursuits. We believe in strong and enduring relationships with our customers. Fulfilling unique embroidery requests, special handling for group orders, a one-year Professional Courtesy Guarantee, and our many other proud points of service establish lasting bonds with satisfied healthcare professionals worldwide. We also ensure a standard of service consistent with the quality of our products at every touch-point during the ordering process, providing transparency and accountability wherever possible for every customer.

Community Leadership

Our charitable donations and outreach efforts are inspired by the role our customers play in making all of our lives healthier. While there are plenty of popular and PR-friendly causes around the world that provide crucial help for those in need, we are proud to support several organizations and causes on an ongoing basis where we have an opportunity to provide the greatest and most responsible impact and that we feel provide tangible benefits to the community in which we live and work. These include, but are not limited to, STEM Education Coalition, PATH - Physicians Against The Trafficking of Humans, The Physician Mother Group (PMG), TheRightFit Physician Resident Honorarium, GEMS - Girls Educational & Mentoring Services. If you would like to explore a partnership with us, please email inquiries@medelita.com or call 877.987.7979.

Environmental Responsibility

Our values reflect those of a small business started by a group of individuals whose love of all things natural, wild and beautiful is at the core of everyday life and the purpose for everything we do. Whether it's on a surf board or in a pair of hiking boots, we choose to live and work in a place surrounded by rugged adventure and we actively fight to save it from the steep decline in the health of our environment. We understand that any business activity results in some pollution as a by-product and we actively seek out opportunities to reduce our impact, whether it's through the use of recycled fabrics in our products to a paperless office. Our goal is to run a business that we can be proud of, and this is imbued in every decision we make.

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