Medelita has taken the traditional medical uniform and upgraded it in every conceivable way.



Medelita is changing the way healthcare professionals think about their uniform. Amidst a baffling display of flimsy material and ill-fitting silhouettes, medical and dental uniforms have needed an upgrade for quite some time.

Time for a change.

We feel rather strongly about the connection between appearance, confidence, and poise. Your uniform is your outer display of achievement and prestige. It makes the general statement to your patients that you personally care about your appearance, and will in turn, take good care of them.


Our Purpose

The Medelita collection provides healthcare professionals with uniforms distinguished by style, comfort, and exceptional performance. We offer impeccably tailored designs to ensure a perfect fit, as well as fabric uniquely developed to withstand everyday use. By combining innovation with elegance, Medelita garments set the standard for workplace attire. Our looks are enhanced by select accessories that take this notion of a functional ensemble to a new level of sophistication.

Your patients and colleagues will see it. You will also notice the difference. The style statement of a Medelita wardrobe speaks to your confidence and attention to detail. Choose meticulous in-house embroidery to further personalize your professional appearance. And rely on technologies that integrate everything from repel and release lab coat surfaces to an online shopping experience designed to accommodate your busy schedule.