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Medelita was created by a licensed clinician who felt her colleagues deserved better than what they're offered to wear every day. Featuring cutting-edge performance fabrics and a tailored fit that is unlike any other, Medelita is the standard in modern professional medical uniforms.

medelita story


Medelita was founded by Lara Francisco, PA-C, an ER clinician who sought clothing that offered a reflection of her aptitude, hard work, and respect for her patients and colleagues.

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medelita core values


Our commitment to the quality of our products is equaled only by our commitment to our community and our customers.

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medelita collection


Medelita has taken the traditional medical uniform and elevated it in every conceivable way. By combining innovation with elegance, the Medelita Collection has elevated the standard of workplace attire for medical professionals.

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medelita community


In our Community portal you will find the latest updates and information about our most valued and respected customer colleagues and the amazing work they do. You'll also find our media contacts and press information.

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Performance scrubs and professional lab coats like no other.

We feel rather strongly about the connection between appearance, confidence, and poise. Your uniform is your outer display of achievement and prestige. It makes the general statement to your patients that you personally care about your appearance, and will in turn, take good care of them.

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