3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Embroidery

Many customer service questions have to do with choosing embroidery content.  Embroidering your name and credentials on your professional garments really is like wearing your diploma.  For some people, lapel coverage is something to avoid at all costs, since it may partially hide one’s name and title.  For those customers, there are three important tips you should know about your embroidery content:
  1. Script font takes up more room than block font.  Script is very beautiful and classic looking, but you make a trade for that beauty with lapel coverage if you want a lot of content or credentials listed.
  2. Those spaces, periods and commas all count in the overall character count of your embroidery. When we say you can fit 26 characters on a size 44 Laennec you have to count the periods in M.D., or the dash in PA-C, as well as the commas and spaces.
  3. You can alter the lapel coverage by pressing your lapel higher on your lab coat.  As much as we request our manufacturer to press all the lapels the same height for every style, they all come to us sometimes varying by inches.  These inches can mean the difference between lapel coverage and a clear-view of the embroidery.   So if you receive your lab coat with the first few characters covered, don’t worry, just have your local cleaner press the lapel up a bit higher.
embroidery length on lab coat Partial lapel coverage on name and title embroidery. We know how important the embroidery is to our customers, which is why we strive to get it right every time.  You have worked very hard for these credentials; you deserve to wear your diploma proudly.