5 Easy Ways To Fit An Active Lifestyle Into Your Busy Schedule

They say you should always practice what you preach, but that's easier said than done when your schedule is as hectic as most healthcare professionals. Though clinicians and nurses spend much of the workday on their feet, their busy schedules make it a unique challenge to maintain an active lifestyle.

The same challenge applies to entrepreneurs and other professionals who find it difficult or impossible to schedule time for regular physical activity due to their highly fast-paced schedule. Staying active is a critical component of both mental and physical health, but sometimes you must get creative to make it fit into your schedule.

Here are five easy tips for even the busiest person to adopt an active, healthy lifestyle:

Exercise In The Morning

Get up early to work out before you go to your job. Working out first thing in the morning not only wakes you up and gives you extra energy throughout the day, but allows you to get your workout out of the way so that you can focus better on the tasks ahead of you.

Get Friends and Family Involved

In the spirit of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and social network, find physical activities that you can do with your friends and family - such as hiking, bicycling, or kayaking. Incorporating your loved ones into your exercise is a great way to maintain an active lifestyle while staying connected with your friends and family.

Work Out At Your Desk

If you find yourself sitting at a desk all day,make a point to stand up, walk around, and stretch your muscles. Take a 5 minute break to do some of the stretches recommended by the Mayo Clinic for those with sedentary jobs. Even while you're working at your desk, you can get a core workout by actively sitting up, pulling your chest muscles towards the ceiling, and contracting your abdominal muscles.

Go Green With Transportation

Instead of driving to and from your job, try biking, walking, or running to work a couple times a week. Changing the way you commute is a great way to stay active, maximize, productivity, and even help save the environment while you're at it!

Make Time For Proper Rest

No body or mind can function at its highest levels without the proper rest. Go to bed early and ensure you have the most restful sleep by turning off all devices with screens at least an hour before bedtime (the blue light emitted from most digital screens interferes with the brains natural sleep patterns). Even an extra 30 minutes of sleep can make all the difference in your approach to an active lifestyle.


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