5 Benefits to Wearing Your Lab Coat

The white lab coat is an iconic symbol of the medical profession. It represents knowledge, status and a sense of comfort to those who see it. All that being said, there are some lesser-known reasons to wear your coat with pride. Here's why yours should always be ready and within reach:

It keeps you comfortable

A good, breathable lab coat will keep you comfortable during even the longest and busiest shifts. Because you'll likely be moving a lot, it's crucial you find a lab coat made of fabric that repels stains and fluids on the outside but simultaneously pulls wicks away sweat. Find one made with hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties for optimal comfort and dryness.

It projects confidence and proficiency

Let's face it: A crisp, white lab coat makes all medical professionals look put together. It projects professionalism and aptitude, all while giving you an easy outfit choice every morning. But it's important to find one that fits. Medelita's lab coats for men and women will fit you comfortably and sharpen every outfit. Plus, you can wash them in any standard drier and they won't shrink, ensuring you have your lab coat for years to come.

Your patients prefer it

A study recently found that physician attire influences patients' initial perceptions of their physician and consequently may affect patient outcomes. The study goes on to explain that most patients prefer doctors and nurses who wear white lab coats, especially during their initial encounter.

white coat benefits

It's the closest thing to wearing your diploma

You worked hard for your credentials and you earned the right to sport a white coat proudly, as the lab coat is one of the most universally recognized symbols of medicine. With a custom embroidered lab coat you can display your name, title, and credentials to quickly communicate to patients and staff who you are and — more importantly — how you can best help them. And as an added bonus, a custom embroidery job significantly reduces the risk of someone accidentally nabbing your favorite lab coat. Check out these tips for getting your lab coat professionally embroidered.

It could make you smarter

Research suggests wearing a lab coat everyday could actually make you better at your job. people associate the clothing with care and attentiveness, and therefore show heightened attention to tasks when dressed accordingly. Specifically, the doctors and nurses who participated showed an increase in concentration and a decrease in overall errors. Another study asked students, none of whom were studying medicine, to wear a white lab coat and perform a series of complex tasks. Those in white coats made significantly fewer mistakes than the people in their street clothes. The scientists then repeated the experiment but this time gave lab coats to all the participants. They told half the people they were doctor's coats and the other half they were paint smocks. Guess who performed better? It just goes to show that its not just what you wear but also what you think of what you wear that counts.

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