The Best Embroidery Colors And What Color To Avoid At All Costs

So you’ve found the Medelita web site. You’ve overcome your shock of finding gender specific clinician lab coats. You scratch your head over the various styles to choose from and seemingly flattering features. You take a gander at your current lab coat, and make the transitional quandary in that it is potentially no longer a required cape, but a flattering, statement piece. Heck it might match your handshake and aptitude (and it’s about time). And with the option to personalize your new lab coat, you’ll need to choose the color for your name & title embroidery. Believe it or not, this can take up to an hour or longer. I’ve seen it first hand. MANY times. Even at prestigious medical conferences, like AAD. Now surely there’s other booths or lectures you need to get to, no? The color of embroidery seems to really hold people up. Similar to the shock of choices in Medelita lab coats, our selection for font colors are mainly out of the box, peppered with a few of the usual suspects.

What To Avoid


For instance, the color black and the way it looks on our coats and scrubs. I hate it. And I’m being honest (obviously). Black, in my strong opinion, is much too stark on a beautifully soft, white garment. The black stitching never seems to fully blend with the white background. It does nothing for the overall aesthetic except say “I’m the default color.” I’ll always make a case for not choosing black, or anything in the darker color families, for that matter.

For men’s lab coatsslate blue is my top choice. Right behind that is cocoa. If you must absolutely have to go dark, pick storm navy in the men’s script.

blue embroidery

Slate Blue In Men's Block Font

brown embroidery

Men's Cocoa In Script Font

navy embroidery on lab coats

Storm Navy In Men's Block

For women’s lab coatsblossom and (again) slate blue reign supreme. Carolina blue looks amazing, too. And if you must go dark, consider selecting plum in script.

lab coat font

Women's Blossom In Block Font

blue womens lab coat embroidery

Women's Carolina Blue In Script Font

plum embroidery

Women's Plum Script

After watching tens of thousands of lab coats walk out our door, lying eagerly in various shifts throughout the day for inspection, I can’t help but to peruse the color selections and silently admire people’s selections. It’s really impressive to see a long table of diplomas with names and titles prominently displayed each on its way towards a well-deserving recipient. Considering that it truly is like wearing your diploma, of course we want you to look your very best. I only find myself wishing I could influence people to try to go with a lighter color more often.