Fluid, Soil & Stain Resistant Lab Coats

We aren't your average lab coat, and that is something we are understandably proud of.  Gone is the boxy, shapeless, sandpaper-like fabric, flapping in the wind (typical) lab coat, but one that exudes prestige and aptitude.  And another benefit?  Function.  At Medelita, we are all about function and fabric performance - ensuring that we're utilizing the very best fabric technology for the situations at hand.
So what exactly does our lab coat fabric DO, and HOW does it work?
Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector combines REPEL and RELEASE technology to (both) prevent stains from ever settling into the fabric, prevent fluids from seeping into the fibers, and for those substances that do creep past the surface - easy washability.  We're confident that this is the very best stain release technology available to date, and the best choice for lab coats.  Read below for more detail.
The repel technology offers excellent repellency against both water and oil-based spills.  Repel technology utilizes a nanotechnology to form a molecular shield around individual lab coat fibers.  This lowers the critical surface tension of the lab coat fabric to repel liquids (including coffee, blood other bodily fluids) as well as viscous substances, like pus.  As a result of this performance fabric technology, liquid spills bead up and roll off.  Dry soils can be easily brushed away.
The release technology promotes easier removal of ground-in stains during normal laundering or cleaning of your lab coat.  The release technology utilizes a water-loving polymer component to pull water into the lab coat during washing.  This allows ground-in stains (like end of sleeve stains), surface dirt and ring around the collar, to be released easily during laundering.