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17 Funny Dr Google Memes About Searching Google For Symptoms

As a medical professional, sometimes you have to just put your face in your palm and sigh when you realize that most people these days will search the web before consulting with their doctor when they have a health issue.

Here are some shareable memes that we think you can certainly relate to:

1. Yyyyeahh, pick up the phone and call already, mmmkay?

dr google office space meme

How many times did you have to tell a patient to just put down the phone, then pick it back up, and then call a doctor?

2. I know I shouldn't, but....

dr google girl passing meme

Let's be honest, Google is pretty sexy. You must have fantasized about getting all the answers to your mysterious health questions there!

3. One does not simply...

dr google simply meme

Then there are the folks that insist that they get a second opinion, which would be fine if it was from an actual doctor.

4. But this website has "MD" in the title!

dr google drake meme

Not to knock the WebMDs of the world....at least they usually tell people to consult their doctor anyway.

5. But, look again, it says "MD" right there

dr google what if meme

Not to knock the WebMDs of the world....at least they usually tell people to consult their doctor anyway.

6. It can't be that bad, can it?

dr google kermit meme

On the web, people see what they want to see. See tip #2 here: Don't trust that anything you read applies to you.

7. Now You're talking!

dr google whiskey meme

Nothing like a good home remedy to exacerbate an underlying condition...

8. Maybe you should have that drink...

dr google most interesting meme

If going onto the internet to self-diagnose doesn't make things worse, perhaps the stress will.

9. It's not looking good, buddy

dr google woody meme

Things can really go south when you Google your problems.

10. Your parents agree.

dr google rare meme

Here's what happens when you have consensus, and then you ignore it anyway!

11. Keep calm, and....start to panic.

dr google keep calm meme

Have we told you it's definitely a bad idea to self diagnose?

12. Maybe it's cancer? Yep. I knew it.

dr google spongebob meme

It's always cancer, isn't it?

13. That's it. There's no way it's not cancer now.

dr google cancer meme

The longer you read about your problems on the internet, the more likely the chance you are 100% convinced of your fate.

14. Stop it. Just stop.

dr google oprah meme

Now this is just getting ridiculous.

15. Is the internet evil?

dr google kermit darkside meme

Seriously, maybe we should all rethink this internet thing!

16. Nah, it's all good. Bring me my laptop.

dr google google it meme

You knew this was going to happen.

17. Let's see what this website says...

dr google call doctor meme

The cycle continues....