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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Nurses

With the holiday season coming up, it’s a great time to give back and say “thank you” to those who have touched your life in one way or another. Have you ever wondered what a nurse would love getting as a gift?

My name is Miki Rai (@mikirai), and I am a Registered Nurse working in the Intensive Care Unit. Here’s some top items any nurse would love to receive:


RN is a given. CCRN? FNP? DNP? Nurses LOVE an embroidered scrub jacket that includes their name and their long list of credentials we worked our butt off to get. To make it an even bigger hit, pop on the name of the unit they work at (i.e, Medical ICU, Oncology, etc.). We’re proud to be nurses, and what says that better than wearing it all day?!


Nurses have to use stethoscopes every single day at work. It’s important for us to use stethoscopes in our patient assessments so that we can plan our care, and better advocate for our patients. An ERKA stethoscope is beautiful, light, and best of all, has patented dual-membrane sound chamber geometry. That means that its extremely precise, and brings music to any nurses’ ears.


Nurses work days, nights, weekends, holidays and birthdays. Working long hours and being nocturnal on and off can be difficult on our skin. EVERY nurse would appreciate some TULA skincare products to keep in our bags when we’re on the go to work!


If there's one thing that nurses can never have too much of, it's scrubs. Some hospitals provide scrubs for their nurses, but usually they don't fit very well and are lacking in quality and comfort. I prefer these Lululemon inspired Element Scrubs because they are extra soft and fit well, plus I can wash them hundreds of times in scalding hot temps (necessary to kill all those icky germs!) without worry of the fabric fading, pilling, tearing, or losing its shape.  


Getting an iWatch has absolutely made my work day easier. My iWatch allows me to easily check the date and time, and set timers for when my IV pumps will be going off, my 15 minutes break, you name it. I also use it to check my work email and take a quick glance at my notifications, because I usually don’t ever get a chance to check my phone at work.


Working 12-hour shifts are no joke. These are the special shoes that healthcare professionals like to wear because they provide extra foot and arch support. They help us stand all day, are easy to put on and take off, and are easily cleaned by bleach wipes (you never know what fluids you’ll encounter).


Let’s be honest, we don’t always know exactly what sizes, colors and items our nurse friends like. You can give them the perfect gift of a Medelita card, and let them choose what they want themselves!

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