How To Remove Lab Coat Stains

Grease stains?  Check.  Blood stains?  Check.  Makeup stains?  Check.  And the infamous iodine stain?  Check.  I wouldn't call us stain-removal experts, but our team at Medelita is pretty darn close.  We're happy to share our internal 'tried and true' test results.  Read below for specific home laundering recommendations for removing stains from Medelita LAB COATS.

  • Blood – treat immediately with hydrogen peroxide, followed by OxiClean® prior to wash cycle
  • Ink or Pen – use Amodex® as directed
  • Iodine – use Amodex as directed
  • Coffee or Tea – Clorox® Bleach Pen
  • Powder Based Makeup – Tide® To Go (Tide Pen)
  • Dust, Dirt or Grime – Tide To Go (Tide Pen)
  • Oil, Grease or Cream Based Makeup – Shout® Advanced Formula for Greasy Stains