4 Important Qualities to Look For in a Stethoscope

Every job requires tools of the trade. If you’re a medical professional, the stethoscope might be the most important tool for work that you will ever own.

A stethoscope isn’t just a valuable tool for assessing the patients under your care; it’s also an important part of your status as a professional. Everyone recognizes a medical professional by that stethoscope slung over his or her shoulders, right? The point is, you need a stethoscope that not only gets the job done, but can last comfortably through your long day of seeing patients. So what exactly makes a stethoscope a “good” stethoscope?

Here are some key qualities to look for in a stethoscope:


In the world of medicine, you never quite know what your day will bring, which is why it’s important to be prepared with the basic tool of your trade. If you see many types of patients, you will need a stethoscope that can auscultate young and old, large and small, and all types of bodies. A dual-head stethoscope can allow a medical caregiver to easily and quickly switch from a larger head to a smaller size, based on each patient.


Chances are you’ll see a lot of patients over the course of your workday. Those patients? Well, they will have a host of various microbes on their bodies, so it’s important to have a stethoscope that is easy to clean to prevent the spread of diseases. After all, you don’t want to make it any easier for bacteria and viruses hoping to catch a ride on your stethoscope between each patient. Look for a dermatologically safe, hygienic stethoscope that can be sterilized and cleaned regularly. ERKA stethoscopes are made with chromed brass, which is less porous and therefore much more hygienic than more commonly-used stainless steel.


It’s a small thing, but with a stethoscope on your shoulders all day or night, you want it to be comfortable — and you certainly don’t want it to bother you while it’s in your ears. An ergonomic yet durable design, with soft and ergonomically shaped ear tips can make a big difference in helping you perform for your entire shift.

Sound Quality

The whole point of a stethoscope is to help you hear into your patient’s body in order to help him or her, so you need a tool that delivers optimum sound quality. A dual-membrane chamber within the stethoscope creates a specialized sound chamber that amplifies both high and low sound frequencies. In addition to amplifying the sound within that you need to hear, you need a stethoscope that will block the sounds background noise. Look for soft, perfect-fit ear tips and spring tube integration to ensure the sound quality you’re looking for.

German, precision-driven engineering gives ERKA stethoscopes superior comfort, versatility, and sound quality. Shop ERKA stethoscopes now.