How to Look and Feel Your Best in Scrubs

Keeping others safe, healthy and happy is part of your job — but if you can do that without sacrificing your own personal comfort, all the better.

Scrubs are a staple in the medical professional wardrobe, which means you should find a pair that keep you comfortable all day long and help you express your own personal style.

Here's where to start to look and feel your best while wearing scrubs:

Wear scrubs made for you

Finding well-fitted closed can make all the difference when it comes to appearance and comfort. It's a no-brainer way to instantly look more chic and put together. And just because some scrubs get a bad reputation for being bulky, baggy, or uncomfortable, doesn't mean they all have to be. You'll be pleased to learn a pair of fitted scrubs you actually like can work wonders for your physical appearance, emotional well-being and overall comfort.

Accessorize appropriately

You can easily bring out your personality with a few simple touches to your daily scrub-based uniform. Try a bright scrub cap, for example, a decorative name tag or a colorful — yet functional — stethoscope. You can also have your name and title embroidered on your scrubs for a little extra flair.

Stay warm — or cool — with the right fabric

Medical offices and hospitals can be notoriously cold, and you won't be able to focus on your patients if you're shivering non-stop. A scrub jacket can be an easy and attractive solution to staying warm while still looking professional. Look for one that combines modern design with functional elements, like two-way stretch and moisture-wicking fabric for maximum comfort.

There are, of course, exceptions to most stereotypes. So, while you might be working in a cold office one day, you could be sprinting from one patient to another the next day. A good scrub t-shirt should be able to help you keep cool — and dry — even on the hottest, busiest shifts. Find one with a sleek design so it doesn't bunch under your scrubs.

Pick the right colors and prints

Start by looking for a color that's flattering to your skin tone. Bright, neon colors, for example, often washout fair-skinned people. Darker tones are universally flattering, however. Monotone sets are also a safe bet for looking put together.

And choose prints carefully. Those that are too bold can be distracting, and smaller designs can be more flattering anyway.

Take good care of your scrubs

Once you find a good, solid pair of scrubs, you'll want to take care of them so they'll last as long as possible. Start with high-quality scrubs that won't give in to basic wear and tear. You can also wash them after each use with a gentle cleanser to keep the shape and color in pristine condition.

Preventing stains and damage can be tricky, but you can start by wearing darker colored scrubs and keeping a spare pair handy for extra messy days.

Want to look sleek and stylish, even on the longest of hospital shifts? Shop our cute scrubs sets.

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