Medelita Scrubs Can Function As Maternity Scrubs

As a company originally founded by a female clinician, for female clinicians, it's only natural that a majority of our customers and colleagues are women. As dedicated fans of Medelita, customers often want to continue wearing our garments through their pregnancies, and so we get a lot of requests for maternity scrubs. While we wish wholeheartedly that we could develop a full maternity line, unfortunately being in the early stages of growth as a new company, it isn’t feasible to introduce a new line without a certain level of consumer demand and anticipated volume of sales. However, all is not lost for our loyal and pregnant customers. Medelita founder, Lara Manchik Francisco, PA-C, learned a great deal about comfort during her pregnancy - not very long ago - and offers some insight. "Most clinicians settle for unisex scrubs a few sizes too big and then tie the drawstring over the top of their belly. But it's awkward and can make you feel very self-conscious," said Lara, "At a time when comfort is paramount, it's unfathomable to be in unisex scrubs that are more unattractive than ever before – a tough thing to accomplish." Much to her surprise, Lara found that she was able to wear her Medelita scrubs through month eight of her pregnancy. In addition to designs that naturally accommodate the female figure, our scrubs feature a wide athletic waistband, akin to a pair of lululemon® pants. By wearing incrementally bigger sizes throughout her pregnancy, Lara explained that she was never uncomfortable. By the 8th month, she'd gone up about 2 sizes in both the scrub top and scrub pant. But it wasn't until the 9th month that she stopped feeling comfortable, although she readily admits that really nothing felt ‘comfortable’ in that final month when everything 'popped and dropped'. In addition, Lara found the functionality of Medelita scrubs extremely helpful. As her internal temperatures fluctuated, the moisture-wicking drirelease® fabric kept her dry, fresh, and free of odors. "I was so grateful for that," she said with a chuckle, "It's the little things like that when you're pregnant that make you happy." Sanita® clogs were another of those little things that made all the difference. For our customers, who often spend so much time on their feet even through their pregnancy, a shoe with good arch support and a comfortable fit is essential. According to Lara, "Going up one size was enough for my entire pregnancy. In the last two months, I wore the Sanita clogs every single day. Even to the birthing center, I wore my clogs." If you don't want to pay full price for scrubs that you may only wear for a few months, try our Web Specials. Our Certified Seconds are especially reasonable, as garments with slight fabric or sewing imperfections. These are garments that didn’t meet our own extremely high standards of perfection, but are still garments that could be worn proudly - and are perfect as an option for buying larger sizes to be worn as maternity scrubs.