The New and Improved Lucy H.T. Lab Coat

We're a company founded on the principles of exceptional customer service, and whether I'm writing it now or a thousand posts from now, I will never tire of repeating that we listen to YOU. Responding to customer and colleague feedback, we recently set out to make a few changes to the design of our Lucy H.T. dental lab coat for women. Here are the recent upgrades: Snaps: We replaced all the buttons on the Lucy H.T. with snaps, as per customer feedback. The Elsie G. lab coat has snaps, and most female dentists and hygienists who wear their coat closed, preferred the snap closure. Raised Lower Snap: We always think about the motion required of the wearer when we design our coats. So we’ve now raised the lowest snap on the coat to the upper hip area - allowing dental professionals to be most comfortable in a seated position, poised for procedures. Chest Pocket: Our dental customers told us that they don't typically use the chest pocket in the original design, so we removed it. This omission allowed for a surprisingly clean, polished, and refined look of this one-of-a-kind dental jacket. Knit Cuffs: In addition to the DuPont™ Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector already applied to the 100% cotton performance fabric, we added stain technology to the ribbed cuffs, as well. This repel technology by DuPont prevents fluid, soil, and stains (including blood and impression material) from seeping into the fabric, ensuring that your lab coat and your cuffs remain white and clean. Sleeves: Enhancing the ergonomic design of the Lucy H.T. dental lab coat, we introduced additional shaping to the sleeves that replicates a true position of function and prevents any tension at the elbow. This very slight pattern change to the sleeve ensures added comfort during procedures and improved durability long-term. So there you have it - a few small details that make a big difference to the comfort of our customers. As a colleague of Medelita, you should feel as proud as we do - that your valuable feedback has helped us to create another exceptionally thoughtful, flattering, and comfortable lab coat.

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