What Does Medelita Scrub Fabric Do Exactly?

On average, we lose about 4 cups of sweat every day to keep our bodies at their optimum temperature of 98.6 degrees. This rate is increased for men, and during strenuous or stressful activities, as well as in higher temperatures. For most medical professionals, the daily grind comes with a large dose of stress – long hours and constant moving, agitated patients or family members, complex procedures under hot lights, and demanding workloads. The good news is that Medelita scrubs work equally as hard as you do – no matter how long or stressful your shift. We often boast that Medelita scrubs are made from certified high-performance moisture wicking drirelease® with FreshGuard® fabric, but what exactly does this mean, and how does it benefit you? technology Air Flow It means that the fabric itself pulls moisture away from your skin and then quickly distributes the moisture through the fabric, to allow for rapid evaporation. The drirelease® yarns are a patented blend of 85-90% hydrophobic/synthetic ("water-hating") fabrics and 10-15% natural/hydrophilic ("water-loving") fibers, and this perfect combination of fibers makes this advanced technology possible. This 'push-pull' combination works together to efficiently pull sweat away from your body and then push it to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly. In fact, our drirelease® fabric dries 4x faster than cotton. The patented Optimer certified formula is applied at the yarn level, so it's permanent and lasts the lifetime of the garment. It's also completely environmentally friendly and won’t wash out. Unlike some performance fabrics with topical treatments, our scrub fabric is luxuriously soft, breathable, and comfortable. Medelita scrubs are easy to care for, launder beautifully, and maintain their high-quality appearance better than any other scrubs available. Our only unique care recommendation is to NOT use fabric softener, as it clogs the moisture wicking functionality by coating the surface. Fabric softener creates an additional layer between your skin and the moisture-wicking fabric, and decreases the effectiveness of the performance fabric. If you accidentally use fabric softener, it will wash out the next time you launder your scrubs. Every feature of every Medelita garment we make was chosen specifically with the wearer in mind. We are acutely aware that fast-paced and high-stressed medical professionals need a garment that works FOR them. Medelita drirelease® with FreshGuard® scrubs do just that, and allow a professional appearance both at the beginning and end of your shift.