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Crafted using the highest quality fleece and our cutting-edge performance fabrics, these lightweight, slim silhouette jackets and vests deliver superior clinician-specific functionality, premium comfort, and maximum temperature versatility.



bye, bye bulk

Remarkably lightweight without compromising on warmth. The Strata full-zip cozy fleece vest delivers all the polish, practicality, and peformance you need for a go-to layering piece, on and off shift.

Reach New Heights /

With Superior Function

The sky's the limit with Strata’s clever construction with perfectly placed pocketing and dual function scrub lining that keeps you cool where it matters, but also adds warmth without weight. It’s clear why this is the only fleece built for medical professionals by medical professionals.

Wear Your Diploma /

Displaying your name and title on your medical uniform is the closest it gets to wearing your diploma on your chest.

Group Rates /

A group scrub jacket purchase provides a professional, consistent brand promise — to the clinical team, and to the patient. Align your team and elevate your brand.

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Recognized For Our Premium Service /

Fleece jackets are increasingly accepted in the clinical environment, worn by medical professionals of all specialities. However, those fleece jackets never seem to have the right pockets nor the professional look of a scrub jacket or lab coat. Medelita’s fleece jackets change the game.

Strata full-zip sweater fleece jackets feature a slim-fitted shape in knitted fleece that keeps the wearer optimally warm in cool or cold conditions. Featuring the soft side of the fleece on the interior with a polished knit exterior, this piece reaches new heights for fleece jackets.

Multiple zippered security pockets, a double pen arm pocket, and even more pockets provide the utility that medical professionals deserve. We believe that fleece jackets should do more for those who wear them in the medical field.