The Lab Coat Vest

No Compromises

Designed for the roll-up-your-sleeves type, but also perfect for clinicians concerned with unsanitary sleeves. An incredibly innovative design that is equal parts purpose-driven and fashion-forward. Introducing the lab coat vest.


We Listened.

What's better than sleeves? No sleeves.

Maintain a sleek and polished look while giving yourself the freedom of movement you've always wanted. Featuring clever shoulder seaming to reduce friction and allow for maximum arm performance. A perfect sanitary alternative garment. If you've always felt like ripping your sleeves off, you'll love this. 

Strata Women's IronStrata Women's Iron

Wait, Is This A Joke? /

Yes. Happy April Fools' Day.

While we loved making these incredible lab coat vests, the design is clearly ahead of its time and we recognize that modern medicine isn't ready for this....yet.

Wish We
Made Vests? /

This is no joke.

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