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    Invest In Your Physicians, Staff, and Patient Satisfaction With Medelita.

    A gesture as simple as a beautiful Medelita lab coat and scrub set helps hospitals, medical groups, and private practices welcome new physicians, reward success where it’s due, and simply ensures that everyone looks and feels their best.

    small group orders

    Automatic group pricing up to 40% off is built directly into any order from 10 to 1500 units. Simply add products and personalizations to your order and when you are ready you can order immediately with the discount or request a saved quote before you purchase.

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    large group orders

    Medelita offers an end-to-end solution for a complete “reset” of your institutional lab coat or scrub program. Included in the reset are sizing garments, personalization and logo embroidery for each team member, data collection, and program “roll-out” support.

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    private stores

    Ongoing replacement and reorders are simple and fast for large organizations with a Medelita private store. Provide purchasing agents and facility coordinators with the flexibility to purchase for the team, or approve orders placed by individual employees.

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    I would really like to order Medelita garments through my organization, but I don't know have the time to make this happen.


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