Elevated Jackets For Medical Professionals

Medelita’s jacket collection takes outerwear for healthcare workers to a whole new level with every piece meeting our high standards for functionality, range of motion, comfort, and style. With flattering silhouettes and superb quality and durability of fabric, each jacket is sure to become a wardrobe staple.

strata fleece for menstrata fleece for men

Strata Jacket

a sweater fleece built for medicine

Your new go-to outerwear for where tomorrow takes you, featuring an exceptionally soft, huggable interior and peak professionalism on the outside. The only sweater fleece jacket built for medical professionals by medical professionals. Meet Strata.

  1. Strata Men's Sweater Fleece Jacket
    Semi-Fitted 6-Pocket Full-Zip
  2. Strata Women's Sweater Fleece Jacket
    Semi-Fitted 5-Pocket Full-Zip

strata fleece for menstrata fleece for men

Bye, Bye Bulk

an all-day versatile layer

Remarkably lightweight without compromising on warmth. Our full-zip cozy fleece vest delivers all the polish, practicality, and performance you need for a go-to layering piece, on and off shift.

  1. Strata Women’s Sweater Fleece Vest
    Lightweight Slim Silhouette 5-Pocket Vest
  2. Strata Men's Sweater Fleece Vest
    Lightweight High-Performance 6-Pocket Vest


a jacket unlike any other

The absolute most premium outerwear ever designed for medical professionals has landed. Featuring ergonomic seaming for enhanced range of motion and comfort, with clean finishing throughout. With bonded performance fabric and a hydrophobic exterior, this debonair piece is ready for any adventure.

  1. Quantum Women's Jacket
    Semi-Fitted 5-Pocket Full-Zip
  2. Quantum Men's Jacket
    Semi-Fitted 5-Pocket Full-Zip


sleek, professional & comfortable

It's not every day that you find a jacket that checks all your boxes. With a sporty on-trend fit and more pockets than you can fill, our bestselling Ionic scrub jackets are a must-have piece that you'll want to wear long after your shift has ended. Featuring signature temperature regulating fabric keeps you cozy in the cold, and cool when it's hot.

  1. Ionic Men's Scrub Jacket
    Semi-Fitted 5-Pocket in Engineered Knit
  2. Ionic Women's Scrub Jacket
    Semi-Fitted 7-Pocket in Engineered Knit


lightweight, modern & tailored

Our modern, athletic Kinetic scrub Jackets are perfect for when you need an extra layer without all the thickness of a traditional scrub jacket. Made with the same revolutionary lightweight stretch scrub fabric found in our stretch scrubs, these jackets look professional in all settings while maximizing comfort.

  1. Kinetic Men's Scrub Jacket
    3-Pocket Bomber in Lightweight Stretch
  2. Kinetic Women's Scrub Jacket
    3-Pocket Bomber in Lightweight Stretch