Tall Lab Coats

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Designed to fit a larger frame, Medelita's tall lab coats are properly proportioned with ergonomic designs that allow you your full range of motion: longer sleeves, wide shoulders and overall tailoring to achieve an ideal fit and appearance. Enjoy the first and only white coat collection that gives you a flattering and professional appearance without sacrificing your comfort.

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  1. Gerty Cori Women's Lab Coat
    G. Cori Lab Coat
    Notched Lapel, Mid-Thigh Length, with 5 Pockets
  2. Vera G. Stretch Lab Coat For Women
    Vera G. Slim Fit Lab Coat
    Envelope Collar, Mid-Thigh Length in Premium Stretch
  3. Vandi Athletic Fit Lab Coat
    Vandi Lab Coat
    High-notched Lapel, Above The Knee Length, with 6 Pockets
  4. Estie Lab Coat
    Estie Classic Fit Lab Coat
    Traditional Notched Lapel, Above The Knee Length in Premium Fabric
    $110 Regular Price $158

4 Items

Set Descending Direction

Wear Your Diploma /

Displaying your name and title on your medical uniform is the closest it gets to wearing your diploma on your chest.

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Medelita uniforms and stethoscopes provide a professional, consistent brand promise - to the clinical team and to the patient. Align your team and elevate your brand.

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Medelita lab coats for doctors of taller statures are the premium standard for quality and durability. Long Lab Coats made with performance fabrics featuring: Premium fabric resists wrinkles, repels odors and organic stains, wicks moisture, and offers eco-friendly, permanent performance.