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    M3 J. Hunter Knot Button Lab Coat


    M3 H.W. Cushing Slim Fit Lab Coat


    M3 E. Wilson Slim Fit Lab Coat


    M3 Laennec Classic Fit Lab Coat


    100% Cotton E. Wilson Slim Fit Lab Coat

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    100% Cotton Laennec Classic Fit Lab Coat

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    100% Cotton Osler 44" Classic Fit Lab Coat

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    100% Cotton Fleming 30" Lab Coat

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    100% Cotton Fauchard Lab Coat

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    Dual-Effect Technology That Is Revolutionary

    We have spent over 2 years in research & development testing the ultimate lab coat fabric worthy of the professionals who wear it.

    Featuring proprietary technology on the fabric interior to keep you cool, dry and comfortable and a cutting-edge finish on the fabric exterior to repel fluid, soil, and stains. Featuring less than 1% shrinkage after first wash. Also, no pilling after 100 washes, and the highest rating in the industry when tested for strength, soil release, and fluid repellency.


    Key Features and Benefits

    durable lab coats
    All features work for the lifetime of the garment.
    stain release lab coats
    A technology that dramatically improves stain release during laundering.
    soft lab coats
    We use high denured, small silk-like yarns for a soft hand with a brushed finish.
    lightweight lab coats
    A performance fabric that is engineered to be lighter and more durable than cotton.
    fluid repellant lab coats
    Repel fluids with nanotechnology that creates a fluid barrier on the outside of the fabric.
    bacteriostatic lab coats
    Prevents odors from trapping in the garment & virtually neutralizes order-causing bacteria.
    cooling lab coats
    Breathable fabric keeps you cool where it matters most.
    quick dry lab coats
    Dries 4 times faster than cotton, reducing time and energy required for laundering.
    moisture wicking lab coats
    Pulls sweat and moisture away from your skin and pushes it into the air.
    environmentally friendly lab coats
    C6-based sustainable PFOA-free repellence protection.
    bright white lab coats
    Bright white - The look and feel of the fabric reduces color discoloration from perspiration or wear from usage.
    wrinkle resistant lab coats
    Resists and releases wrinkling, fading, or pilling. Easy to wear.


    An Ideal Performance Technology For White Lab Coats

    White lab coats on the job? It's a perplexing tradition, but one in which Medelita lab coat fabric reigns above all others. An incredibly soft, natural fiber fabric that repels soil/stains, and is also fluid resistant. Blood? Coffee? Tea? And the endless other everyday obstacles? Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector aggressively fights to maintain a crisp, white, professional appearance, long-term.

    • _ Combined technical functionality and true comfort.
    • _ Nanotechnology forms an invisible molecular barrier.
    • _ Liquid spills (including blood) bead up and roll off surface.
    • _ Surface residue is easily wiped away or blotted.
    • _ Ground-in or oil based stains release easily with laundering.
    • _ Maintains a crisp, white, professional finish.
    teflon dual action fabric protector
    Teflon® is a registered trademark used under license by Medelita.


    Watch A Fabric Demonstration


    Stains Roll Off

    Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector is a perfect match with our fabric - a repel and release technology that aggressively fights the most common stains. Teflon® is a registered trademark used under license by Medelita.


    What Your Colleagues Say


    "What I like best is that the lapel stays flat. I would never iron a lab coat, but this coat looks ironed right out of the dryer. Also is very fluid repellent. Earlier this week, I forgot my umbrella and used the coat to keep dry."
    Amy Bokal, MD

    "I opened the package last night to find the very finest lab coat imaginable. I appreciate fine fabric, tailoring and attention to detail - THIS COAT HAS IT ALL. Thank you for finally creating a lab coat that goes with a Hermes tie."
    W. Wilson, MD, FACEP

    "Even with weekly washings, the fabric still looks fabulous. A quick trip through the drier on the wrinkle release cycle is enough to keep my jackets looking fresh"
    Elizabeth Nicholson, MD

    "The quality of material of both the lab coat and scrubs are excellent! You can truly feel that these products are made with great durability."
    Dean Rollolazo RDHAP, BS


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