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Element Groundbreaking fabrics joined with athletically inspired designs, that work with your body, while it?s hard at work.

  1. Vert Lab Coat
    Notched Lapel, Above The Knee Length, with 6 Pockets

The Most Advanced Scrub Fabric In The World

stretch scrubs

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It took over 2 years to launch OUR REVOLUTIONARY M3 LAB COAT FABRIC.
Since that day, exactly 2 years ago, we adopted a new challenge:
Apply the same pricinciples for absolute perfection in a stretch scrub fabric.

The result is even more groundbreaking than we imagined.

introducing ELEMENT

Science is at the heart of everything we do. Innovative ideas are easy only in concept - it is the extreme level of testing that takes forever but you can feel the difference. I simply refuse to cut corners.
Lara Francisco, PA-C, Founder

Perfect Draping

Typical stretch fabric drapes the body in an awkward way. Our fabric maintains a flattering, form-fitting shape on your body for the lifetime of the garment.

Wrinkles Be gone

No one feels like ironing scrubs when it's 2AM and you've got to look alive for a 12 hour shift. Save time and enjoy effortless appearance with Element stretch fabric.

4 Rich Colors that won't fade

Navy Scrubs
Royal Scrubs
Black Scrubs
Ceil Scrubs

These won't appear "shiny" or glossy, but will be true to these initial 4 hospital standards.
Wash these scrubs as much as you want - they won't bleed, leach, or lose their color.

Shrink-Free Sizes

All fabric is tested at the extremes to ensure that you can throw your scrubs in the dryer without competing for clothesline space with your yoga gear.

A Soft Hand

We hate that synthetic, scratchy feeling you get when you wear a cheap gym shirt. This fabric feels strong, durable, and blessedly soft to the touch for happy skin.

Bridging Sustainability

As strong advocates for the benefits of a sustainable future, we've pushed hard to use plant-based fabric ingredients in each garment.

Keeping You Dry

A staple feature of every garment we make - all of our fabric is designed to pull moisture away from your skin and into the air as quickly as possible. As a result, the fabric dries at least 4 times faster than standard cotton.

Odor Control

Many nursing scrub companies mislead by claiming to be "antimicrobial." We prefer the more honest term, 'bacteriostatic,' in that it prevents the build up of odor-causing bacteria on the fabric surface.

Hardcore Durability

Like your favorite pair of denim jeans, this fabric is extremely strong and will only improve with time. These scrubs will be with you for your years in school, residency, in practice and beyond.


2 women's & men's tops, 2 women's & 1 men's pants, and more pockets than you can fill.

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