Women's Scrubs

    Women's Scrubs

    Women's scrubs for the modern healthcare professional. Offering clinicians a comfortable and sophisticated alternative to cute or boxy scrubs.
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    Women's Clinician Scrub Tops


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    Women's Clinician Scrub Pants


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    modern fit scrub


    Unmatched in fit, softness, quality, ergonomics, comfort and performance.

    Medelita created a unique drirelease® with FreshGuard® fabric ideal for medical scrubs. This technically advanced performance fabric pulls moisture away from your skin and dries incredibly fast. And the comfort level is outstanding - supremely soft with a lightly brushed finish in a weight that's not too thin/not too thick. We're also proud to boast our scrub fabric resists pilling, wrinkling, fading and shrinking, while also preventing odors - all for the lifetime of the garment.

    • Keeps you dry by wicking moisture away from your skin.
    • Dries faster than other performance fabrics or cotton.
    • Won't wash out and lasts the lifetime of Medelita scrubs.
    • Performance features that are environmentally friendly.
    • FreshGuard® naturally prevents odors.
    • No fading. No pilling. No wrinkling. No shrinkage.
    • The perfect scrub fabric - both in comfort and performance.
    drirelease scrubs

    How drirelease® with FreshGuard® improves your scrubs

    drirelease scrubs

    What Your Colleagues Say


    "The colors and the quality of the fabric stay the same, wash after wash. I have been wearing your scrubs for more than a year, and they get washed every week.They still look brand new!"
    Julie Pearson, DVM -Medelita Women's Scrub Top

    "As an Emergency Medicine physician,I live in my scrubs.They are an essential part of my work day. I bought 5 pairs and enjoy working more comfortably with the Medelita scrubs. It truly is a great product."
    Mark J.K. Dalton, MD, FACEPP -Medelita Men's Scrub Top

    "I feel more efficient and prepared when the only thought I give to my scrubs ishow great they are!"
    Sarah Bragdon, MD -Medelita Women's Scrub Pants

    "Wearing is believing.Once you wear them, you will understand the difference."
    Ari Saeedi, RDH -Medelita Women's Scrub Top

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