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The MEDELITA product team has partnered with you and your colleagues to develop the very best in fabric, fit, designs, and technology to provide much-needed upgrades to your standard medical accessories. Shop new products and designs below, including masks, stethoscopes, and gift cards.

Adult face mask in blackAdult face mask in black

Face Masks

An extraordinary knit face mask designed to be extremely soft, anti-fogging, contoured fit to stay in place, with a filter pocket for optional enhanced protection.


high performance, comfort, and elegance

Designed in collaboration with hijabi clinicians, the MEDELITA hijab is the most empowering, effortless hijab available in medicine. The buttery soft slip-on fitted face opening allows for discreet ear access and quick, easy modest styling.

  1. Medical Hijab
    Slip-On, Pinless, In Opaque Lightweight Jersey

The New Medelita Sensitive by ERKA.

The Reference Standard

The ultimate cardiology stethoscope. Closely compared to the Littmann Master Cardiology, this masterpiece of engineering has been reinforced with a permanent nickel-based O-ring and now comes with an optional non-chill cover. Improved in every way, and now with the Medelita brand stamp of quality.

From our Medelita Colleagues

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A group scrub jacket purchase provides a professional, consistent brand promise — to the clinical team, and to the patient. Align your team and elevate your brand.

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