Top 6 Do's And Don't's Of Lab Coat Embroidery

Adding personalized embroidery to our lab coats is as second nature to us a signing our names. Every day we process orders with a little as one embroidered lab coat with name and title personalization, to over one thousand lab coats with custom logo embroidery.

Our team of embroidery experts have perfected the art of turning a simple white lab coat into a custom garment that speaks to your professionalism and prestige. Medelita is proud to offer this service to smaller private practices as well as larger institutions, putting the utmost care and attention to recreating the details of each digital logo in an embroidered format that looks great on your new lab coat. Check out some of our favorite embroidered logos here

From our chief embroidery artist, here are six points of wisdom when considering adding an embroidered logo to a lab coat.

 1. Keep colors to a minimum: 3-4 colors.

lab coat logo


2. Size matters: We recommend 1" x 4", 3" x 2", or 3” round.



3. Tag lines are hard to read: remove tags lines when at all possible, unless they are 2-3 words long.



4. Proper placement: right side (non pocket) provides greatest visibility.

embroidery length on lab coat


5. Thread is not like ink: sharp edges and curves are best embroidered if they are larger, not smaller.



6. Pantone colors are for ink not thread: Not all Pantone colors are dyed to thread and spooled - but we will match these the best we can.


You can also opt for professional name & title embroidery on all Medelita lab coats and scrub tops. Adding the personalization of a logo adds a level of detail that complements a sophisticated lab coat, which is a true investment in your professional appearance.  

When ordering a lab coat or set of scrubs with embroidery, you should be aware that there is some additional time required for this process. The Medelita team communicates with you every step of the way to make sure you have final approval of your logo prior to it being sewn on your lab coats or scrubs.

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