Physician Assistant Gifts – The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for PAs for 2021

Physician Assistant Gifts – The Ultimate List of Gift Ideas for PAs for 2024

Shopping for physician assistant gifts can be fun or it can be stressful. We so want the loved one we’re shopping for to be pleased and feel respected. We acknowledge all of the sacrifices that our PA friends and family have had to make to get to where they are today, and therefore want to treat them to something very special. Yet all the pressure you might feel to pin down that special gift can make your head spin. We want to help!

First, let it be known that at Medelita, we will take any chance we get to celebrate PAs, as our founder, Lara Francisco, is a PA-C. We’re proud to be PA-founded and shout it from the rooftops every chance we get. As a result, we felt it was our duty to provide you with a quality list of excellent gifts for PAs. But before we get into that, here’s a little advice on how to hunt down the absolute best gifts for physician assistants.

How to Find Perfect Physician Assistant Gifts

Gifting that special PA in your life something personal is the best way to show them how much you appreciate them. We recommend looking for something just as high-quality as it is meaningful – so that requires digging a little deeper than a simple search on Amazon.

Fortunately, we made it easy for you with our curated collection below.

A beautifully designed lab coat is one of the most meaningful physician assistant gifts you could consider. PAs wear their white coats all work day long. It needs to have a crisp, professional presentation so they look their part as a highly educated healthcare provider. A quality lab coat inspires confidence in both the wearer and the patient. The white coat also represents all the hard work a PA has put in throughout their many years of education. Your gift is truly an investment in your loved one’s future as an accomplished PA.

Make this outstanding gift even more special by having the physician assistant’s name and title custom embroidered on the front. Personalized physician assistant gifts are the best gifts, afterall. Medelita makes many styles of lab coats, all featuring exceptional tailoring and durable, performance fabrics. If you’re not sure which style your gift recipient will want or the text to have embroidered, simply send a digital gift card. Shop lab coats at

Pockets for days. Just look at all those pockets and compartments. Yet you’d never know there were THAT many pockets in this backpack once it’s all zipped up. The Incase ICON Backpack is a sleek, versatile piece that enables your gift recipient to get travel-ready in record time with a pocket for every anticipated item for whatever their day holds – and we know that PAs need convenience wherever they can get it.

This sturdy, functional backpack was passionately designed for comfortably carrying necessary tech. Incase is a preferred brand for the tech-savvy, so if the PA you’re shopping for is all about their tech, the ICON is an ideal gift. The backpack features multiple compartments for stashing laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, charging accessories, and much, much more. The dedicated laptop compartment can fit a device up to 16”. The adjustable, luxuriously padded shoulder straps are outfitted with a sternum strap for comfortable, secure long-term wear. Get one at

Keeping organized is critical when you work in the medical field. With days as busy as theirs, PAs have to lean on maintaining their calendar, time-management, and note-taking in order to keep up with everything thrown at them on the job and the exhaustion that ensues. For this reason, a handy monthly planner is one of the best gifts for physician assistants you can find.

This luxurious, minimalist planner by Appointed will help your PA loved one keep track of both the mundane and the exciting events in their personal and professional lives. The book is bound in a cloth-wrapped cover. The heavyweight pages feature monthly calendars, a yearly overview, priorities checklists, conversion charts, and a preview of the coming year. Grab one at

Does the PA you’re shopping for have keys? Or a purse or backpack? If the answer is “yes” (and how can it not be) then consider gifting one or more of these convenient tracking devices. These cute, tiny trackers help your loved one easily find their belongings when they inconveniently get lost.

This is not a gift that says the recipient is absent-minded – no, in fact it speaks to your concern for their time and sanity because everyone loses their keys or their wallet/purse/backpack from time to time.

The Tile Pro Bluetooth tracking device is a handy little thing that can be easily attached to you-name-it. When the item can’t be found the owner can use the Tile app to see if it is nearby and find its location. To make finding the item even easier, the owner can use the app to make the Tile Pro ring. It’s impressively energy efficient. In fact, your gift recipient will typically only need to change the battery once every year. Shop at

Medelita Performance Tee – gifts for pas

The Performance Tee by Medelita

PAs have difficult schedules to juggle. Whenever you can give them something that saves them time and provides some comfort while they are handling their commitments, you’re definitely winning at gift-giving.

What item might achieve this? Something as simple as a comfortable tee that can transition between work and leisure – such as Medelita’s Long Sleeve Performance Tee. It’s one of the best gifts for physician assistants you can find due its incredibly soft midweight 4-way stretch fabric that repels odors and wicks moisture, which are the features of a garment that matter most to a busy PA. It’s super-cooling during activity such as intense moments at work, exercise, or running errands. Meanwhile, the tee will keep the wearer warm when it’s cold. The contoured seaming and shape-retaining stretch make this tee even more ideal of a gift for the medical professional you’re shopping for. Pick up a tee in every color for that special PA at

Have you noticed the chill when visiting a hospital, clinic, or other medical office? If you felt uncomfortable with the fridge-like temperature, imagine how the staff feel being in the cold their entire shift! Constant A/C can make life tough for PAs and other staff, especially when you consider that they are required to wear a uniform to work every day.

The best solution is a temperature-regulating Medelita scrub jacket, with two unique styles to choose from. The sporty Ionic scrub jacket and the bomber-design Kinetic scrub jacket are available for both men and women. Medelita scrub jackets feature multiple pockets, performance fabric, and a tailored fit that ensures comfort and style.

Furthermore the fabric is incredibly soft, durable, wrinkle-resistant, and moisture-wicking. It also repels organic stains and odors. The design and material keeps the wearer warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. The wearer can stay cool and dry under pressure, yet also warm while sitting under a vent. It’s one of the best gifts for physician assistants who spend long hours in HVAC controlled environments and also have to deal with high-stress situations throughout the day. Shop scrub jackets at

Compression socks are a must have for PAs. Physician assistants have very little time during their work day to sit and rest their feet, so naturally leg fatigue and pain can occur. Compression socks greatly help to reduce the swelling that causes said fatigue and pain.

Physix Gear Compression Socks are the go-to for many medical providers. Customers state that they maintain their shape and strength, staying put at the top of the leg after many washes. Give the PA you’re shopping for a leg up on their day with a pair. Shop at

The Fitbit Luxe is a slim, beautiful smart watch that seemingly provides the wearer with super powers. We’re talking instant notifications, heart rate tracking, step counting, sleep tracking, stress management, health metrics, workout functions, and more.

Known as one of the more fashionable wearables out there, the Fitbit Luxe is perfect for health- and wellness-minded PAs who also like to accessorize as part of their day-to-day style. An impressively long battery life (up to 5-days!) and tons of interchangeable bands to shop put this at the top of the list of unique and fun physician assistant gift ideas. Get one at

The Hatch Restore smart sleep assistant alarm clock may seem like an unlikely contender in this list of top physician assistant gifts. However, the gift of quality sleep sits high on the gift list when considering the hectic life of a PA.

The Restore has the appearance of a beautifully designed, simple alarm clock, but it is so much more. The device is a sound machine, smart light, and “sunrise alarm” all in one. It also pairs with a feature-packed companion app that includes schedule setting and guided meditations, to give the user an unprecedented tool for supercharging their sleep.

The device can function as a soft-glow reading light and features wind-down content that prepares your mind & body for sleep. In addition, the Restore allows the user to create a particular mood with a selection of relaxing sounds and light settings. The device can be controlled using the soft-touch buttons or the app. Grab one at

The stethoscope, arguably the most essential tool for healthcare providers, is either present in the hand or draped across the shoulders when not in use. Therefore, a high-quality stethoscope makes for one of the best gifts physician assistant gifts you can get.

The Medelita Sensitive Stethoscope is one of the most highly rated devices available. It’s the most advanced dual-membrane stethoscope with patented sound chamber geometry, optimized for observing high & low frequencies. Designed and made in Germany, the PA you’re shopping for will know they can depend on your gift’s quality engineering!

It comes as a kit with a pair each of soft and super-soft silicone ear tips, as well as a durable case. The stethoscope is latex-free and dermatologically safe, too. Shop colors at

Gifting a Keurig is like gifting a hug every morning, every day – if the hug was a cup of warm, easily-brewed coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. Everyone can agree that PAs deserve convenience in getting their morning cup of joe.

We all know the virtues of the Keurig – throw a k-cup in there and you get a steaming hot mug of something good. It’s dependable, fast, and above all else, almost too easy to use. Now you can shop Keurigs in a variety of beautiful colors to suit any décor, making these coffee makers fantastic personalized physician assistant gifts. Get one at

If the PA you’re shopping for is a fashion-forward individual, consider gifting them the Quantum Technical Jacket. This unique piece serves as a great lab coat alternative, providing the same professionalism, but with an undeniably sophisticated edginess. It can just as easily be worn over casual clothes as a trendy layer for any outfit.

Quantum features a moto-inspired modern style with clever pocketing and impeccable finishing. It’s a polished piece the PA you’re shopping for will love. For a thoughtful touch and to show how much you respect them, have the jacket embroidered with your gift recipient’s name and title. Shop Quantum at

A YETI Rambler travel mug is like magic. It is so well insulated that it keeps a beverage the ideal temperature all day long. We have all heard the legends of a YETI keeping ice completely intact for many hours on end with next to no melting, and we know these legends to be true. This mug is a great gift for a PA who enjoys their hot/cold beverages and complains of unreliable insulated mugs from other brands.

This travel mug comes with a “MagSlider Lid,” which allows the owner to enjoy a beverage while walking or around unpredictable children and/or dogs, without fear of the dreaded slosh in between sips. The puncture- and rust-resistant kitchen-grade stainless steel rambler features an ultra-strong handle, double-wall vacuum insulation, and a whopping 24 oz. capacity. Both the mug and the lid are dishwasher safe. Shop at

A spa experience kit. As far as physician assistant gift ideas go, this one here is the absolute most relaxation-guaranteed of them all. It’s right up there next to a spa gift certificate. But this is better because your loved one can plan their spa experience for any day and any time, versus trying to fit an elusive appointment into their own packed daytime schedule.

The kit features a deeply hydrating coconut milk soak, a natural sea sponge for gentle exfoliation and cleansing, a too-cute succulent plant in a glass container, a convenient vial of mini matches, and a stylish gold paint-dipped concrete candle holder with a hand-poured amber and smoke-scented soy candle. Get the kit at

This weighted blanket is the sleeper on our list – no pun intended. If you’ve ever tried one for yourself, you know. The power of a weighted blanket in comforting and lulling to sleep might as well be wizardry. For falling asleep fast, a weighted blanket for many is more effective than a sleeping pill. The PA you’re shopping for will love that!

The Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket is made of 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton, guaranteeing softness and breathability. Medical grade glass beads are woven into the fabric to provide weight. These blankets make for great personalized physician assistant gifts, as well. Three levels of weight are available and in a variety of colors and standard sizes, so you can customize it for your loved one. Shop at

This underscrub tee is the underdog on our list. It’s all about all day comfort, keeping the wearer cool under stress and physical exertion, while also keeping them warm during less active periods at their frigid hospital/clinic/office. The Second Skin features breathable, buttery soft 4-way stretch knit material that wicks away moisture, keeping the wearer dry and odor-free.

Customers say that these underscrubs are perfect for beyond the office as well, as a part of their everyday wardrobe, for workouts, and even as pajamas – they’re that comfortable. Gifting an underscrub tee is a gift of absolute comfort, and for that reason we consider it to be one of the best gifts for physician assistants. The Second Skin Underscrub Tee is available for men and women. Shop at

The e-reader that took the book worm world by storm back in 2007 is still a heavyweight in the tablet space, though it now weighs less than a notebook of the same size. Amazon’s Kindle is a wonderful gift for a PA who is an avid novel reader.

Featuring an exceptional battery life, the Kindle is ideal for busy PAs who can’t be bothered to charge yet another device daily. The 8gb storage capacity is enough to hold thousands of books. So if your loved one likes to read during their down time, this is an ideal gift option! Get one at

This pan’s retro-inspired aesthetic is visually pleasing, obviously, but beyond it being a timeless statement piece for your stove it is a highly functional, thoughtfully designed workhorse in the kitchen that will definitely be in regular use. It’s definitely one of the best gifts for physician assistants who love to cook. This versatile pan makes any PA-chef’s time in the kitchen much more fun.

The Always Pan set includes/provides the functions of 8 traditional pieces of cookware: the frying pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, and spatula. The set comes with a stainless steel steamer basket and a nesting beechwood spatula that can be secured in the integrated spoon rest when not in use, even during cooking.

The pan features two easy-pour spouts on either side. The non-toxic, nonstick ceramic coating is made without potentially toxic materials and makes cleanup a breeze. The sturdy aluminum body heats evenly and quickly. The pan is surprisingly light with the body weighing in at just 3lbs, plus it’s compatible with all cooktops. Grab one at

Essential oil diffusers make fantastic gifts for PAs because they are great gifts for everyone! But for the physician assistant you’re shopping for, your gift will provide a calming sensory at-home experience that they deserve and desperately need after all those long hours on their feet helping others.

This beautiful piece looks ornamental with its luxurious stone-effect finish. It comes in a variety of colors to suit any décor. The diffuser has two settings: a consistent 4-hour diffuse and an 8-hour intermittent diffuse. The device shuts off after the set time or if the water runs out, whichever comes first. Shop at

Gifting a cozy, high-end bathrobe is a very generous gesture. Your gift provides that coveted experience of wrapping oneself up in the provided bathrobe after a soothing bath while staying at a luxury hotel – but in the comfort of their home. PAs deserve that experience a lot more often, but their packed schedules just don’t allow for multiple hotel stays a month. Therefore, an indulgent bathrobe is truly one of the best gifts for physician assistants you could get.

This H by Frette bathrobe is provided in suites at some of the top hotels around the world, including The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, The Peninsula, Soho House, and so many more. It features luxuriously soft 100% cotton terry fabric, two large front pockets, and a wide shawl collar. Choose from four sizes. Get one at

As far as warm gifts for PAs go, the Strata Fleece Jacket is certainly the best you can find. Fleece jackets are an increasingly popular alternative to lab coats for PAs. Other fleece jackets are not made for clinicians, whereas Strata was designed as the perfect fleece for anyone working in medicine. It’s the only fleece jacket created by medical professionals for medical professionals. The jacket was specifically constructed to support the types of movements a clinician needs to perform when assisting patients. Smart pocketing throughout further equips the medical professional in fulfilling their duties.

Strata does not feature branding on the chest, unlike most fleece jackets on the market. The lack of branding makes it easy to embroider the wearer’s name and title. A customized fleece jacket is definitely one of the top personalized physician assistant gifts you can find. The PA you’re shopping for will love it, guaranteed. Shop a selection of colors at

If the PA you’re shopping for loves wine, a monthly subscription to a SommSelect Wine Club is an ideal gift. Subscribers get a small crate of sommelier-selected bottles according to a monthly theme, with accompanying tasting notes.

You can choose from one of the four monthly subscription options to give your loved one a monthly treat that matches their tastes, or choose from a selection of gift packs for a very special one-time present. Shop

Getting to a massage therapist during their operating hours may just not be convenient or even feasible for a busy PA, though they may desperately need some knots in their neck worked out. That’s why at-home massagers, like this one by HoMedics, make excellent gifts for PAs. Your loved one can easily pop this puppy onto their neck and get a soothing massage whenever needed.

The HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe Neck and Shoulder Massager incorporates heat along with three speed settings and a reverse function to provide a custom, deeply therapeutic massage. The device flexes to fit the body and provides a deep kneading shiatsu massage that loosens knots and relaxes tense muscles. Available at