What to Wear With (And Under) A Lab Coat

A medical professional's white lab coat is an iconic signal of expertise, professionalism and status. But what you where with — and under — that coat is equally important to both your image and overall comfort. Here's a look at what you can wear to maintain your impeccable first impressions and your ongoing relationships with patients.

What to wear with a lab coat

Your white lab coat is certainly a staple in your medical wardrobe, but it doesn't have to be the only thing that sets you apart from your other coat-clad colleagues.

Personalize your coat with embroidery that will both alert people as to who you are and ensure no one takes off with your well-earned coat. You can also add some personal flair with a functional and attractive stethoscope.

In terms of jewelry, watches and nametags, defer to your office's rules on what is and isn't allowed. Aim for subtle accessories rather than big ones that will get in your way and weigh your down.

How you accessorize is up to you, and as long as it doesn't interfere with your job you shouldn't be afraid to mix it up every now and then.

What to wear under a lab coat

What you wear under your lab coat could vary depending on where you work. Some medical offices require you wear scrubs under your coat, others can be a little more lenient.

If you choose to wear scrubs, aim for high-quality sets that will feel comfortable all day. Medelita offers numerous different fits, necklines and colors that will last as long as you do. Be sure to care for your scrubs with a careful cleaning regimen and by keeping them neat — nobody likes the wrinkled look.

Depending on how hot or cold your office is, you can also experiment with scrub jackets to keep warm without feeling stifled. If it's too hot, try a thinner scrub top that will look professional when paired with a lab coat, but that will also keep you cool and dry all day.

If you're permitted to wear regular clothes under your lab coat, it's best to keep them as professional as possible. Comfortable and conservative blouses are always in style, and will prevent any wardrobe malfunctions on the job. Pair one of those with some tailored pants and an ankle boot or other walkable shoe, and you're ready to go.

What you wear with and under your coat isn't anywhere near as important as the work you do while you wear it, but feeling confident and comfortable can make a major difference in how you perform. Fill your closet with well-fitting, customizable pieces that express your own personal style and will help you tackle your day.