Women's Lab Coat Sizing Quandary

The face-to-face dialogue at a conference usually goes something like this, without fail . . .

(me)  What size do you wear?

(new female customer)  Oh - I wear a 38.

(me)  No I mean in a lab coat?

(new customer)  Yes I think my current lab coat is a 38 . . . not that it fits great or anything, but that's what I always get.

(me)  Ok so we offer lab coats in women's sizes.  What size do you wear?

(new customer)  You mean it's not a men's size?

(me, with a smile)  Yes, Medelita lab coats are made specifically for women.  In the sizes you would normally buy at your favorite retail store.

(new customer, with excitement in their eye)  Well in that case I'll try on an 8.

(me)  That seems to fit you very well.

(new Medelita customer for life)  I've been wanting a lab coat like this since the first time I had to wear even a student lab coat.

(me)  Well I designed these lab coats for us, because as a female PA I couldn't find anything that fit me, either.

(new Medelita colleague)  I'll take three with name & title embroidery,  and I want expedited shipping.  I don't want to wear my current lab coats another day. Medelita lab coats are available in sizes 00 - 16, currently in seven different styles and lengths.  

You can see the various styles up close at https://www.medelita.com/shop-womens-lab-coats.html.  

Please call 877.987.7979 for personalized service with your lab coat order, as we are always happy to help.