Women's Lab Coats


Your Appearance

Our original lab coats for women revolutionized the industry with refined, professional styles and empowering silhouettes. From classic to slim fit, it's designed to give an appearance worthy of your aptitude.

woman wearing lab coat woman wearing lab coat
women's white coat
  1. rebecca lab coat for women
    M3 Rebecca Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $105 Regular Price $162
  2. women's athletic fit lab coat
    Vandi Athletic Fit Lab Coat
  3. Vera G. Women's Lab Coat
    M3 Vera G. Slim Fit Lab Coat
    $113 Regular Price $174
  4. Estie Women's Lab Coat Side
    M3 Estie Classic Fit Women's Lab Coat
  5. Emma W. women's lab coat
    M3 Emma W. Classic Fit Lab Coat
  6. Ellody lab coat
    M3 Ellody Lab Coat - Petite Fit
    $93 Regular Price $144

Why Medelita

Because our women's lab coats were designed by a woman who struggled for 10 years working in the E.R. to feel comfortable, poised, and confident in the uniform she was provided. She developed all of our women's white lab coat with one primary purpose in mind: to provide a high quality garment that fit women correctly without compromising on professional appearance.

From our #medelita Colleagues

Our founder, Lara Francisco, PA-C, was tired of wearing unisex lab coats that fit poorly with abrasive fabric and couldn't understand why all the gender-specific options for women looked like pajamas or something out of a costume catalog. She developed a new lab coat for women that was better than any lab coat ever invented and improved it over time, adding a proprietary technology on the fabric interior to keep you cool, dry and comfortable, with a fabric exterior that repels fluid, soil, and stains.

Our feminine lab coats have the highest possible rating in the industry when tested for strength, soil release, and fluid repellency, which is why we now proudly back up our warranty for a full year. All of our lab coats for women come in three different fits: a classic fit for a little more space throughout the chest and hips, a slim fit for a polished, sleek look, and the first ever petite fit lab coat for professionals of smaller statures (like our founder). Try one on for yourself and you'll feel the difference, then wash it at home on any cycle and you'll see just how durable and amazing this fabric really is.